Anyone know?

Love the store, bought various things over the years, but been staring the maintenance screen on the homepage for months.

I saw the email last year saying things were changing, just not getting much insight into how long it's closed.


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Wicked! Missed all the others, looking forward to this!

OK, so the Genajam is amazing! It seems to respond to every single midi channel though, so is going haywire in my studio with all the note data being fired to other kit. Not sure if I missed something in setup. Anyone any ideas?

I couldn't see a Genajam thread, so posted here. Great work Catskull and Jamatar! Cheers.

Amazing. I had seen jamatar working on this, but didn't realise it would become a product to buy! Just purchased. Can't wait!

Keep producing great things Catskull!


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HellaGoodAudio wrote:

Hey everyone - does anyone know if these MIDI Joys are still around and for sale? It looks like it was a limited batch quantity and now are no longer being made - is that right?

Otherwise I'm looking at the MIDIbox TIA as an option to get MIDI out from my DAW to trigger the onboard sound chip and output audio...

Any help would be appreciated!

Kitsch bent still sell them at $85. Otherwise the build process seems pretty simple. Though not too sure of the midijoy works with the synthcart. That's what I would like to know :-)


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I am also revisiting the idea of adding midi to my 2600. I have a full synthcart setup.

I have been looking at the midijoy project. Does anyone know if it is possible to use the midijoy to control the synthcart?


I still regularly listen to your today album on the cartridge. It's so good. Would love to have more albums on cart.

wow this looks nice. i guess its individual notes played using the settings inputted rather than being able to play a 'tune' in a sequence?

Hi all!

Just putting early feelers out to see if there would be much demand for a chiptune or circuit bending workshop in London? I run an Arcade Bar in Peckham ( and feel that such an event would lend itself perfectly to the space. I love chiptune and the DIY aspects surrounding it but am not the person to lead such an event! Just wanting to see if there would be any interest for it...

any ideas throw them over!



well if you are on chipmusic I think you will love the venue :-) Hope to see you there sometime. Cheers.


I thought you would all be interested to know that we have started a weekly retro gaming event at the Four Quarters Bar in Peckham.

In collaboration with Retro Game Base ( we are running a weekly event every Tuesday....

A range of authentic, classic home video game consoles are set up in the upstairs area of the Four Quarters bar on Rye Lane. With a cosy, man-cave in the attic feel you will be in a nostalgic heaven when faced with the consoles of your childhood. NES, SNES, N64, Master System, Mega Drive, Dreamcast, Saturn, Atari 2600, Playstation 1 and Gamecube are all here to be played.

With a lack of a regular, sociable, retro gaming event Retro Game Base has taken on the task of running the Console Collective, a themed event, free to enter and play and designed to show off games across the consoles of yesteryear within a genre theme. Expect VS Fighter showcases, classic platformer showdowns, pixelated sports game marathons and intense racing grand prix’s. For the next events theme check out our Facebook event page here:

With a focus on player selection of games for upcoming events via their Facebook events polls you can be sure to have an input on games that will be available to play at future events. Due to the collaboration with Retro Game Base many games across all the represented systems can be obtained so each Tuesday will be a new experience!

A pay-to-enter tournament will also be arranged each week for those with a competitive streak with bar tabs for the Four Quarters as well as Retro Game Base vouchers up for grabs.

What could be better to get over those mid-week blues than grabbing a cool craft beer from the bar and chatting and playing with like-minded nostalgia-filled gamers?

Whether you regularly play video games or haven’t picked up a controller in years (or maybe ever?!) the Console Collective is the perfect get together for retro lovers.

Location of Event: The Four Quarters Bar, 187 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4TP
Date of Event: Starts on Tuesday 24th February and then each Tuesday following
Time of Event: Starts at 7pm, competition usually around 9pm.
Cost: FREE
Location of Retro Game Base: 430 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 3PX

i still have this problem on my c64c even though I also use easycap video capture device on xp pc. it is a PAL machine,

just pre-ordered one of these. great work.

it says I receive a digital rom once payment received, is this sent soon? I cant wait to try it out on my dmg.


e.s.c. wrote:

dropping an octave would be QF4, if i remember correctly... 2 would be QE8 ?

QF4 outputs a note but QE8 is silent, in fact all QE range is silent. Is it also normal (once using a table) that the gaps between notes sounds as though the sound is being re-triggered?

LazierGunz wrote:

The way I get around the C3 limit is by making an instrument that uses a table with the Q offset set to an octave or two down. This also frees up the command column on the chain screen.

ok, interesting. so if I assign say table 00 to the instrument i am using (also 00). What is then needed in the table, is it just something specific on the first line?

im not sure which q command is to drop an octave (or 2). My c64 can receive notes as low as C0 so entering a c3 note on lsdj and sending out a c0 note would be ideal....