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Hi again,

Sorry, I didn't actually check my PMs the first time. The stuff has been claimed since the 31st of December...whaddaya know. I'll update the first post.


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I lowered the price...mostly I just want to get rid of them!


$10+ $5 shipping to USA. Possibly more to other countries.

All work great. I bought the synthcart around 2006. This is a good deal because the cart itself costs $25 new by itself from Atariage.

PM me if interested and we'll work stuff out.

The person who does the art for my albums does it in GIMP.

p4k has only ever reviewed one chiptune album, Truckasauras's Tea Parties, Guns, & Valor...it's an ok album.

As far as this being fakebit, I don't mind. All kinds of good chippers make their songs in FL Studio...see Tugboat (RIP)


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Thanks to the 4 people who bought the thing, it helps to keep me doing this.

Chip for life.


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Reviews of Dichotomy:

"Too commercial" - George Washington
"░░░▒▒▒▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░" - Rutherford B. Hayes
"Why am I on this list" - Benjamin Franklin
"AA!ABBA!AA!" - Jimmy Carter


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Spinning Voices - Dichotomy

32 minutes of chiptune fun made with LSDJ, only "1 American Dollar"



Sent you a track.


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Tree Wave. Always Tree Wave.


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Decktonic wrote:
hotmessization wrote:

How's the playback? I imagine this uses CD-Rs and not real CDs.

Um I looked into Kunaki and they have a legit CD manufacturing facility so these are NOT CD-Rs.

I had one of my old old EPs made with Kunaki and it is a CD-R (green bottom). This was 2008 so maybe it's changed since then, but.


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I've got an old rainbow-colored Nyko one from when I was a little boy with the Pokemons. Still works. Just need another LSDJ cart...


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They've posted my album too. No idea how they got a hold of it.


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Tree Wave - Cabana EP+


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Tree Wave - May Banners, Sleep
little-scale - You Have My Dignity
Bit Shifter - Strange Comfort
Random - Spontaneous Devotion
Receptors - Disconnected
Anamanaguchi - Airbrushed

Tree Wave was really my first experience with chiptunes. Everyone should listen to them more. Shame that they no longer exist.


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Right before I came here I had been trying to upload things to 8bc but even my tiniest songs said they went over the upload limit. Unsurprised that they failed utterly to keep up with all the stuff dumped there daily.