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Hi everyone, it's been a while.

I'm opening up preorders for this Lo-Poly Skull tee today.

They’re $12 each + shipping, and each one is handprinted on Anvil 779 100% cotton tees.

This is a preorder so it’ll be a little while before everything is ready to ship, with the scheduled ship date set for mid March. In order to keep things under control this preorder will only be open until February 28th. After that I'll put it back up with regular ordering.

If anyone has questions, email me, and please read the description before ordering!

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chip shows aren't like some weird irl gathering for internet chiptunes, they're an actual show, where sure, a bunch of people who come also make their own chipmusic, but that's the way underground shows ALWAYS are. The people who come to see unknown artists are going to be other artist and the artists' friends. AND REALLY i meant what i said about streaming a set being cool for sharing your music, but real shows are partially about people coming together to share their music and have a good time, and partially about sharing it with new people who wouldn't hear it otherwise. That won't happen with a stream, because the only thing a person has invested in watching this set is having their browser page open. ALSO this shit ain't "how it was." Part of what has made this a scene and not just a subreddit is that it was made up of people who were encouraging real life growth through real life shows. Having an internet community has always been essential to the chipscene, and I would not debate that, but to say that streaming shows is 'how it was' misses the point entirely. Some of the sweetest memories people have from chip music come from either their first chip show, or the first time bringing a friend to a chip show. That shit is real and it is tangible, and it is something that a stream can never and will never replace.

sry for the double post but I have FEELINGS


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so this whole thread is a little tl;dr but i read a post or two (hi james), and i felt that i should reply
I may or may not have been seen posting tweets such as

I absolutely meant what I said. Streaming a performance can be really awesome, and is totally cool do at least once in a while. However, streaming a whole host of artists as some kind of webshow seems kind of silly. Streamed sets are really neat for sharing some new music, or just kind of playing music for people who wouldn't get to hear it otherwise, but making it into a show kind of misses the point of a live show I think. At an actual live event there's this unique kind of relationship between the performer and the crowd. While that relationship can exist in a slightly different way in a stream, because of the nature of the medium, it requires that they be reading comments that come in and be responding in the stream, or respond in the comments. Doing either of those, even just reading comments, will detract from any kind of performance. To manage this you see a couple of different approaches. Indifference to the crowd, so there is more of a performance; a kind of medium balance, which leads to a silly kind of attempt at replying or acknowledging comments while also giving some kind of performance; or the sit-at-desk-with-your-music-playing, which leads to a very direct relationship with the viewers, but also means no real performance, even if they are doing live-mode whatever kind of stuff. This all makes streaming seem like kind of a silly platform for a show replacement. Sure, it's cool for sharing some music, or just playing some new music, one time Mr. Spastic decided to stream some music he hadn't released late at night one time, and getting to see that was awesome. But at the same time, when you have all of these "webshows" happening that treat themselves like big events, it really just feels a little silly.

I probably have more to say about this, but this is already too long, basically streaming is neat, but it not a supplement for an actual show by any stretch.


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siq stuff az usual

this shit is legit


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God, I'd love to see IAYD live again, especially with his sick new jams, last time I saw him was at a blip 09 afterparty.

I'd just like to say something about the point about "humanizing" the chip sounds.
While I think adding to the interest of the sound can be helpful, and yes square just on and off is quite boring and i wouldn't recommend it, there is something to be said about working to the nature of the medium, which is innately digital. While it might not be everyone's goal, I think that part of what chipmusic needs to be successful is to work towards almost a perfect example of the medium, whatever that would be. And of course for different people what that means will be different.
Mostly I just wanted to say that maybe "humanizing" the sound isn't the best, or at least not the only way of making the sound more interesting and complex in the realm of chip music.

micro hisses pretty bad, i've taken to (when using nanoloop 2.x) using the micro for composition but then using something else for recording. i think i remember people saying the DS lite had the best sound but I just use an old GBA because that's what i have.

chiptune isn't even a thing, you've all been fooled, everyone can go home now

i think i had a pretty cool birthday B-)

excellent as usual!


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heart thnx u


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Interlude EP is the latest work from Chromacle exploring new realms of the digital that had previously been left untouched by Chromacle's brash and untamed influences. Interlude EP is itself a break in the timeline of the Chromacle project, meant to act as a palette cleanser between the barrage that has previously been witnessed and the onslaught that is still yet to come.

released 06 November 2012
Written, performed, and recorded by Jake Beadenkopf
Mastered by Bob Iacono

disclaimer: this isn't strictly chip music, but it's decidedly chip influenced, and I guess you can still say I'm a chip artist so I'm posting it


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this is so good. saw them do a goblin set at a halloween house party once and it was amazing.

shit's so good.


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Track from the Interlude EP, also reminder, that comes out November 6.