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Quarantine got you salty?

such a shit attitude

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this probably should have been handled in private



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been listening to this album at least twice a day, really really remarkable job

I have a couple, but my favorite has to be recovering the gear that was stolen from IAYD during his first show in Mexico, and also had a pretty good time in that year's SXSW and meeting in person a lot of OGs from the chiptune community

Been waiting to get my hands on this, excellent work as always and thanks for the source files!

Thanks guys! This is my first album that I'm truly comfortable with so I decided to make it a little special with the cassette release


1. sunset チェイス    03:24
2. Dataslave    04:14
3. Neon Geisha    03:57
4. Shadow Force    04:04
5. Wintermvte    03:38
6. Sailor Doom 「feat. Pi Mark」    03:15
7. C.A.M.E.O. 「feat. Crab Sound」    03:48
8. Wintermvte 「Crab Remix」    04:11

This is my third chiptune album, composed in 1xLSDJ during 2014-2015. Crab Sound and Pi Mark have an appereace in one track each.

Digital downlad and cassette available.


56KBPS Records celebrates its 5th anniversary with Format.DF, a compilation album where we present music from the first edition of Format.DF, the biggest chiptune festival to date in Latin America, that took place in Mexico City in November 2013, plus many tracks from our friends in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Spain and United States.


"Almost two years ago, two or three chip musicians and a couple of Chiptune backers/aficionados met in a small apartment located in the heart of Mexico City thinking over what the future of the Mexican scene would be like. Gecko, one of the veterans, came up with this phrase: “It’s 8bit time!” Someone else muttered: “Chido-Chip”*. Almost two and a half years ago I received an email from Chema Padilla, founder of 56kbps Records, whom I met sometime later in a pizza place. He described his record label, he talked about an international art collective: “Chipotle Collective”. “We almost have no activity in the real world” he concluded. Almost a year ago, inside a room decorated with books and old consoles, five members of Chipotle Collective were worried to death. Long-distance calls. -“Are you coming then Alex Powrs?” -“Sure thing”. Plane ticket money, the list with the names of the musicians, savings… Suddenly, organizing a festival didn`t seem like something completely impossible: “FORMAT DF”. Almost ten years ago (ten years ago!) I used to stick my cassette tape recorder to the TV speakers hoping to capture a fragment of the soundtrack of Megaman III. The end result was less than good but I listened to it anyway. Some time ago, said time ago, Numbers, names, images, dates… The memory (and a hyperlink) remains with us so we can keep going."


1. Console Killer – Violence   05:23
2. Danimal Cannon – Rhapsody   06:14
3. Chema64 – Ghost in the Machine   03:16
4. Humanoize – NoisyBoy   05:08
5. MENEO – Fingers   03:00
6. Crab sound – Nooby Clairvoyance   03:51
7. Maniac Freak-Quency – Auto-Destruct Sequence    03:56
8. Alex Powrs – Coral    03:13
9. PopcornKid! – Skyward   04:11
10. Gecko – Thermobyte   02:29
11. Neuroflip – Break Alarm   03:15
12. Pulselooper – Macumba   03:33
13. Kealkowa – bassyou   04:30
14. Coleco Music – Irak Undo   03:47
15. Pak-Zer0 – No Drama 03:50
16. Droid-ON – Agudaz 03:47
17. YZYX – The Awakening of Cyborgs Pt. I & Pt. II   06:58
18. Skycstls – Peripherya   03:20
19. Naiky – Die Another Day   03:29
20. H33llxz – Sueño en Rojo Brillante   02:15
21. Pi Mark – Bye Bye Annie Mapache   02:51
22. Silly Rave – Until We Meet Again   03:08
23. rolemusic – Tristeza   04:54
24. Bon – Miau   03:33
25. Ui – This Lost Place   02:26
26. FES – Deja Vu   04:14
27. eme7h – The Whale   04:50
28. Anwar Sánchez – What´s I O   03:14
29. Vespeon – Ecosphere   03:12
30. Atoms or Faeries – Ulime   05:30



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The most recent picture, without beer cans and/or ramen cups everywhere

Next month I'll be playing in Mexico City

awww yeah, we'll put the smasher slider up to eleven


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The Fucsia album by H33llxz. Part 2 of Disonancia, an 11-track collection composed for LSDJ from the chileean musician. Composed during the last 2 years trying to convey the most harmful feelings for a human being. It was worth it.

Published by 56KBPS Records


Just bought some, that CCDM 7" was so cheap, damn!

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If anyone is seriously looking for netlabels, I've been compiling a list of them here. Each has a short description of what they are looking for.

Wow that list looks like a lot of work, you are doing God's work Sycamore Drive

RIP True Chip 'Till Death, II, and VORC

Nice, might become addicted to the releases/catalog forum in the future


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¡Congratulations brothers! You are doing chip-god´s work