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Saves are working absolutely fine for me on ems 64.. not sure whats happening here.  Mr Humble is looking into it.


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Its fun with a loop pedal wink... also shoulda said I've tested this and it works on ems64 and also under goomba on an efalinkerII plus a few emulators.

Hey all... been some years since I bobbed in here... getting back into chip as I been beta testing THIS AMAZING NEW ROM (scuse the shouting I excited) just released... Chord.. by humble... check it out here



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akira^8GB wrote:

I think I said it too: Ableton Live 6 gives more problems than 8. I also don't understand why. They probably changed things but told no one about it.

My problem is, 6 is the one I bought. I onli have Lite 8 and it's useless for me.

Other weird thing is, Live 6 on XP on my lower spec machine seemed to run better. Mayne there is something about USB porys in Windows 7 that I need to figure ouy. Could it be a power issue?

Scuse the double post was excited in that last one!

Don't know about windows 7, but I find the main things that effect midi performance normally on my machines is usb priorities and disk management stuff..power should just be power..either working or not.

And yeah companies making changes not in the changelog is annoying.


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Right....I've got 2.2 working perfectly now as well!!!!! YAY these things are ace! It seems to not work with 2.2 properly only on one song bank on my cart...sadly the one thats first on the cart so the one that I've been testing with. When I write new patterns, or load another bank or save another new pattern into that bank it works...just a glitch with my cart I guess.

I am made up smile


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Yep a fair summation. Does anyone with a usb adaptor have a 2.2 cart (I'm guessing Oliver must have one lying around somewhere!) that they can test and see whats happening for them.


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Ok so I awoke this morning thinking...it must be reaper...and I've had some success. I was running vers 4.12 of reaper but have installed the latest version 4.151 (they release an update more often than I have a hot dinner so it's easy to be behind) and using nanoloop 1.3 in a GBA sp works...PERFECTLY...I left it running aginst the metronome for an hour this morning with something on each channel and occssionally swapping patterns and stuff and it all works lovely. Slightly wierd for reaper as in the changelogs I can't see anything that should impact on clock stuff anyway..
My 2.2 cart however is still suffering, it still drifts out of sync within 10-15bars and any editing of nanoloop patterns/switching patterns causes it to drag and stutter. I love my 2.2..but wonder if I should reflash to 2.5 although I discussed with Oliver that that's a one way ticket..you can't reflash to 2.2.

But, anyway, I'm happy...I have 2 1.3 carts for fun and frolics with my setup.

Anyway thanks for everyones help in this thread. Without being fed suggestions and ideas I'd have tried to send them back weeks ago.


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I'll do some more attempts tommorrow..but fwiw...I think it is in SYNC mode for a couple of reasons...firstly it said so in the command prompt and also it's changed it's behaviour as when it was in mGB mode it was way more jumpy timewise. I'm not running anything in reaper other than 1 track with nothing on it with the midi output pointed to the usb adapter.

I guess I could try the ableton demo...but I'd need talking through it as I've avoided it over the years!


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Ok, I've had a bit of time yesterday and today to do more playing with these. So...the verdict....

I can change the modes of my usb dongles using the updated version of the windows exe..however I do have to do it in a certain way as I outlined above,,,,it doesn't like combined commands but if I do it separately then it works so "nlmidi03 -SYNC" then enter causes a loop n crash but "nlmidi03" enter then choose which device with a number (0 or 1 in my case may be different for you) enter, then -SYNC (or whatever mode yourre trying) then enter get me the right result.

Ok in reaper if the USB audio device (what its calling the dongle on my machines) is enabled for output and clock then nanoloop runs (see below though) without any midi item (either a midi item or midi timecode generator) being placed on the timeline....cool so far except that I have never used clock in this way before as it means that as soon as a project is playing it trys to sync nanoloop...I have always used MTC generator items on the timeline so you can bring in sound modules for there sections and stuff doesn't run all the time...I could work round that though by having empty patterns playing when not needed so thats not a biggy for me.

But what is a biggy for me is that it drifts out of time....I have tested with nanoloop 1.3 in a DMG, color, and a gba sp...it will stay in time for around 8-10 bars but will then be noticeably out you can sometimes hear it drag a bar. It is even worse when I tested my nl2.2 cart in the SP....I've tried all three usb dongles and also different link cables from my collection.

I am sure that this isn't my DAW setup drifting or any wierd threads taking priority on my laptop...I can clock my 505/qy10/korg er1/modular stuff with clock all day long (literally) and not lose sync.

I'm also concerned that when you turn off the gameboy (irregardless of which model) there seems to be some voltage being sent to the gameboys resulting in (on the gba and colour) the screen taking a long time to clear on turnoff and a bit of screen flickering..but on the GBA sp it causes the red light to come on and an earthy hum back through my mixer...(guess I'll be unplugging the USB before the gb's are turned off!)

Hope we can get further revisions as they do work...but for me I wanted to use them as part of a live project and I don't think it's going to work out.

EDIT should have said this is all running reaper with nothing in the project with the metronome enabled and no effect as akira8gb had suggested I check.


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So Oliver...if my nanoloop is running slower than the MTC...do I need to do something regarding throttling??...To reiterate..it ain't useable as it is!

It is the only midi device connected and the only thing running. EDIT...sorry cross posted you there Oliver...

I'm in bed needing sleep so I'll try this tommorrow but of the top of my head I'd say this is what I am doing apart from my adaptor does not show as nanoloop midi...only "usb Audio device" both in reaper and in the command prompt.

Will try tommorrow and feedback.


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scuse the double post I should have said....the first time i tried to do this in the terminal it failed...the first time i did it I cd'd into the directory that nlmidi03 was and then tried the nlmidi03 -SYNC all in one command...it asked me to select a port for output between  #0 usb audio device(the nanoloop dongle) and #1 microsoft gs wavetable synth. I selected 0 and it looped please choose a port dialogue endlessly until I closed the terminal.

The successful time I separated the commands so did, nlmidi03, it then asked me to pick a port, I hit 0
then It showed the dialogue of available commands and then I did -SYNC.


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Ok, I've managed to set mine to -SYNC...I got the message in command prompt that it had been set permanently...cool......however...

In reaper sending MTC it is better but still not useable...nanoloop moves along in a more regular tempo but unfortunately it isn't the tempo of reaper! In reaper you can set the timecode generator to 5 different frame rates between 24 and 30 and none of them make it play in sync. Suggestions?...do I need to do a delay setting?


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Glad to see there's some movement on this...I've tried 2 more machines (another xp sp3 and a vista machine) and I can't get nlmidi.exe to change the things to -SYNC or -sync or anything...the adaptors are showing up as usb audio devices in reaper though. I need to get them into sync mode to see if they work to sync nanoloop..the main purpose they're designed for and the main reason I bought 3 of em..I'm getting fed up, 2 emails and some twitter messages have ellicited no direct response from oliver...it's not like I'm not an established customer either I've bought 3 carts in the past....not happy.



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oliver wrote:

Syncing in MIDI mode is not recommended.

So was I right in thinking that I want to be in -SYNC mode for what I want to do...sync nanoloop to MTC?

If you want me to try any revisions of nlmidi...let me know.


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Alas the only DAW I have is Reaper.....In Reaper you set up a timecode generator on a track and you can set some different options for the MTC such as where it takes the timebase from (beats, time, etc) and also you can choose between 5 different framerates between 24 and 30...tried every option and nothing helps..I know I'm doing the reaper end right as I MTC other external kit with it..I don't have or want to install another DAW particularly...I guess I'll try it on a friends abletron setup at some point.


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Alas..mGB mode isn't working for me..properly...I'm sending MTC from reaper with nothing else (just playing the reaper metronome for time) to either nanoloop 1.3, or 2.2 or to LSDJ (I forget which version..not really an LSDJ'er but got 3.8 or something on an old EMS cart) anyway it is completely out of sync...it responds to start stop commands but the nanoloop or lsdj moves jerkily out of tempo with extrememly fast bits and then big pauses...like the problems you mention Akira.

This happens whichever gameboy device I use, pocket, DMG, color, or GBA or GBA SP.

I was wanting to try SYNC as thats what it says in the instructions/details on the site as the option to use for synching nanoloop....anyway and either way...things aren't a working. I tweeted oliver this morning again...will patiently await smile