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so much fire, well done sheffield!


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yeah most of your balancing and general "mixing" stuff should already be done in the tracker, tbh. i never catch myself thinking "wow that wav instrument would sound great if i scooped the mids and gated it for 1ms right.... here!"


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fresh batteries, max volume from gameboy output, noise gate & notch filter @ 9.25KHz in post

^ hahaha, classic


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Tybre wrote:

So I used the E command instead of the K command, and it seems to work better for me. No clicks or anything. I'm working on a track currently, and when its finished I'll post it up for feedback. I think it'll turn out well.

E00 doesn't actually stop the note playing, so you're probably better off using K commands once you start running complicated tables so you don't overload the CPU

but then if you're not using a brick or pocket you probably don't need to worry about CPU


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yep, removing clicks in post = manually selecting the clicks and deleting them, or drawing ridiculously fast volume envelopes to conceal them. not fun!

re: E commands, i've noticed little clicks, but nothing as bad as panning or wave channel stuff. might be different between DMG/CGB/emulator?


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it's also affected by people adding to favourites, iirc

yea tbh if you know how to use FL well then keep using that. for usb midi any daw should be fine. unless you're talking about using other usb peripherals (e.g. game controllers) as MIDI instruments, in which case midijoy is a good start.


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great stuff guys! fwiw i still like the old logo smile

try card-in-case trick, and don't hotplug the cart while it's writing
fwiw i've never had any problems with my DnD but i think it's one of the first batch that was made

Jazzmarazz wrote:

It seemed like there was in fact amplification control, especisllay near the end. In fact even the squares grew taller(not wider) when the volume increased. Would the height not be the amp control?

manually altering the height by drawing bigger squares isn't really the same as having a VCA, though


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would it even be possible to make a big fat cart for LSDJ with a midi input?


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one of these days man, haha


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pixel sounds is on the 18th. it's in c-town tho so it's a bit of a trek from the city but it's always a good show so totally worth it if you can find somewhere to stay. plus there's free workshops in the arvo.


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it's a lot easier to talk and socialise at the pre/post parties. especially if you play open mic (did you?)

but yeah don't worry bud, there's always next year. unless you can be in sydney in late april (or tomorrow even? tongue)


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Panda Chan wrote:

Best first-chiptune-gig-experience ever.

wait, you were there? how did you slip by haha