voting time is great! get on itttt


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aaaaahh site seems to be down for me (although downforeveryone says it's up so maybe ignore this? :v)

the wav bass on that first one sounds super meaty, is it sampled or something? anyway this is neat find! like a more "authentic" GXSCC.

i'd love to try patch switches mid-note to do duty cycle modulation, but that might make the resulting .mid too big :v

ahh it's cool that they did that! i'd probably just swap the shell with another gameboy and display it somewhere tbh


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o my
also the guess the artists filled me with joy (and also sadness cause there's one that i don't recognise and can't find)


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oh no i have to pick! sad

mighty social lion - j arthur keenes
origins - 4mat
get olde - crying

too hard to order them


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Dire Hit wrote:

Never heard of this. What should I listen to first?

i'm not really a fan of the live album, but roads is definitely a fantastic track to start with!

i also recommend glory box, all mine, western eyes and magic doors.
get stuck into machine gun too if you're feeling gutsy. third is a very different album to the first two but probably the most interesting to listen to imo.

lvlzero wrote:

question: do tracks done on ds (say nitrotracker, ds10, etc) count?

wild chip!


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yea i do all my .mid stuff in FL, it has the roland soundcanvas .dls built in too so you don't need to keep exporting and checking too often (unless you're doing silly stuff with automation or breaking the 32 voice polyphony limit)


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yeah they're p good


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i don't get why you're asking if not for live purposes

fwiw i don't use a prosounded gb and a software noise gate works a treat (not a "noise cancellation" process, just a simple gate). i also notch out the 9.25K overtone with a parametric EQ.

all good m8, yeah i dont think signups for the open mic are open yet but i'll pass your post along after i wake up tomorrow. the last couple years there happened to be space for a couple of impromptu performances (for better and worse haha), or at least it seemed that way!

square sounds is on march 20th n 21st, but there should be an open mic/pre-party on the 19th and a chilled out afterparty on the 22nd

cool! will you be able to make it to square sounds festival?
also it's not really chip, but ctrix and i will be playing live acid tech at a party in sydney on april 11 if that suits your itinerary. if not we might just have to set something up that suits!

e: happy to help you with backups, although i'm sure there's a plethora of people who can help with that sooner in melbourne


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sandneil and fudgers are beautiful people :')


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"The back says 1989 but someone says they think it is from 1993 apparently."