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It all started with pure looped tiny waves in milky tracker - back and forth between sound forge a few (well, many) times -


best listened to driving through a dilapidated city chemical works at 3am.


merry Christmas,

and a much optimized 2017

peace and love

om x

wow.  and stupid me thought things had stagnated.  and then pulselopper makes this ::


Brave, emotional, intelligent, lovingly crafted

color me inspired.


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2012 - 2013 days of optimism, innocence, freedom, discovery.

Feels a long time ago.

As an experiment : music for a 101 year old me


the official version cyberpunk trailer ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P99qJGrPNLs ) didn't feel 2077 enough

is it Chip Music ?

It's all written in a Milky Tracker, with a lot of back and forth to Soundforge.  So, in tech terms, it's legit.

For me, now, as before : chip music is about shaping grains, transforming tiny particles &| waves into beautiful complex structures.

Peace and love



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going to a lot harder style than music for a 15 year old me as it's a housey, technoey street party rather than a chip event.

but it's free, and there will loads of lovely people, and un bon rollo smile

jul 23, sant carles de la rapita

kick off is at 22:00

https://www.facebook.com/events/2531457 … p;source=1

unusually emotionally powerful

nice work, reminds me of green beret for some reason wink

crikey !

you just never know what's gonna happen next

love that smile

great '93 - '94 flavor, back when anything was possible

love it !

gonads cracks is an unfortunate song title to be associated with


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well fresh


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so much soul in those beeps

emotional and inspiring.

fills me with hope

thank you


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I used to have a few hundred, then most went bad, so I feel a bit cheated by that media, and specially with the companies which profited from selling me those CD's then investing in lawyers to close down services which might re-unite me with music which I feel I should still have the right to listen to.

So, no more CD purchases for me.


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finally got around to listening to this, and, it's brilliant, fresh and inspiring

one of the chip music release everyone should listen to

great work man

with anyone who might get something from them