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I installed dosbox and fast tracker 2 on a ps3 otherOs (before they removed it) and made this song :3
https://oxygenfad.bandcamp.com/track/fa … uitar-amps

You could do the same thing on a ps2 I think (my xbox og runs dosbox ok)

Awesome energy. This is cool.

Reminds me of the old paradox keygens to be honest! Cool track.

Hey this is pretty crazy. Good job! Sounds practically the same.

Really good energy. Leaves a bit to be desired in the drums department. Consider teaming up with someone or remixing with some non-chiptune sample drums?

Nice tune, only critique is the sounds from this web program! I wonder if you can transfer it to a real system? The melody makes me feel happy ~_~

This is cheesy advice but where your at now, you really should be studying Kurt's song writing. It's perfect and easy to learn from for intermediate/beginners. I think it's a style the would most match where you are now. In the song you posted I see that there is some "structure" but you need to tune it up a little. You should study some Nirvana, get an idea of when to change the parts, how to move the song forward. If I were you, I wouldn't referencing other chiptune guys until you get these basics down. You'll be way a head of where you are now if you spent 2 weeks doing this.




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Song writing wise I think you're good, the mixing/mastering is what you should focus on at this point. The mastering squished a lot of bad high end stuff which kind of makes it less pleasurable to listen to than say something else. You should A/B tes the mix with someone you really respect/like and go from there.

I'll just pick someone to compare:
https://soundcloud.com/grazcore/graz-mo … ooth-tiger

If you hear in Graz's mix you'll see he's got the same thing you got in your song (good stereo panning, pulsing bass drum, etc) but his mix is cleaner. Try to A/B to his mix and I'm positive you'll be able to fix yours in a matter of minutes.


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here is a video of a song made in Nitro Tracker off my new album.


Thanks for watching smile


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Hey I want to buy a midines


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Thanks man, good seeing ya the other night by the way wink

I sent an email to the creator of this program, this is the response from him  :

Hi there,

PR8 (and Pulsar) both have very specific requirements from an emulator (have a look at the Requirements part of the manual for either). As far as I know, none of the portable emulators work properly. It's actually a 'failing' of the emulator of not properly supporting 32KB .sav files - best thing to do is spread the word to the people who created pocket nes (etc.) and get them to fix it.

There's a post on my blog about it if you search back, sometime last year.

Good luck,



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Hey guys,

I was wondering what luck anyone has had running PR8 on a handheld emulator, to be more specific POCKETNES. I know the authenticity of the sound is probably a little off, but non the less, for fun I would like to get this working on my GBA and or NDS.