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Will never forget when he showed me this at Numusic festival before completely rocking it on stage. I'd use it in my own shows but surely it'll always be Sidabitball's trademark? Still dope to play around with, very pleased he's put it up.


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Filk wrote:

Sorry, that didn't really clear up the mystery of how it got into the country.

Still a cool story though! I hope the oil baron's happy with his Amiga, I know what I'd prefer!


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akira^8GB wrote:

There's not few UK based VJs, maybe there are few UK based, cheaptoon-prone VJs. But UK is the single place on earth with the biggest load of VJs in the world!

I talked with him before and he seems always to be in lack of gigs, yeah. I think he has a very particular style that is not suited just for anything, and making cheaptoon gigs probably won't pay off his work hmm

Ha fair point! Events like the AV Social (where I did it with him) are relatively standard in the UK. There are hardly any (good) ''chiptune scene VJs'' (emphasis on inverted commas there) but I guess that doesn't mean a great deal, though what seemed strange was that even though most UK gig organisers pine for a 'chiptune VJ!?!?' they don't know who Pikilipita is. Different worlds I suppose, or laziness.

akira^8GB wrote:

At any rate, he should be invited to Blip Festival.



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How did you come across this? I got my first MSX recently and saw these Arabic machines on various sites, and was just curious as to how they'd ever make their way into Europe! Both of the Wavys are very fucking cool.


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I played with Pikilipita once, he really wants to be more involved in VJing at events, he seemed bewildered as to why he didn't get any offers considering there are very few UK based VJs.


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Battle Lava wrote:

What do you guys 'n gals think about this?

What a sad cunt, even later admitting he wanted to provoke you. Pretty sure Bach wasn't a fashion icon.

Rico Z wrote:

"edd the duck" by the dead guys


Who cares? If the music rocks get it.

Fucking killer release.

Sycamore Drive wrote:

we asked their permission to be put on the list as to be confirmed.

I didn't even know what this was until Zabutom explained to me! I'm still cool with it mind.

arfink wrote:

You realise there is no date on this, right? Not that I'll ever be in London any time soon, but I don't see a date here.

Cheers for pointing that out, fixed!

Anyone? Lacking in chip admittedly but there surely can't be much else happening on a Tuesday night...


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4mat wrote:

Some of my c64 stuff

*me opens up the HVSC and gets the tunes into my DJ playlist*

Also, Cherryboy Function has this amazing track, I wonder if he's using any chip hardware?


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Hahahaha it's the paper I get! Brilliant!

Team Doyobi motherfuckers, first album was 100% Amiga and it fucking destroys: