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I do little nostalgia checks smile


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Unbuilt w/ 6581 chip inc - $200 obo shipping inc


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Orgia Mode wrote:

Besides, life happens to most people. Deaths, breakups, vacations. I think someone like Kitsch with such an extensive track record of successful orders and happy customers deserves a bit of cred.

Yes, definitely didn't mean to start a smear thread or anything of the sort.

I was just having trouble getting in communication with him; I had sent a few emails before this. I don't mind unexpected wait times for DIY hardware like this, but when it's a significant sum of money I just want to be kept in the loop, you know? I wasn't demanding a refund or anything in any emails - literally just asked for an ETA or update as to why it hadn't shipped yet. Either this thread or sending him a message through Paypal seems to have prompted the refund. It is just very odd to have that experience with a vendor with literally no communication throughout.

Like I said, I've only had good experiences buying from him before, which I why I thought it may have been a person event, etc..


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hmm, he refunded me shortly after this without a message or anything? good on him I guess, but hope everything is ok.

if anybody's looking to sell a gb-303, hit me up!


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Hey all,

Was wondering if anybody has had a weird experience ordering from Kitsch-Bent, lately?

I ordered a gb-303 after his latest restock, and I haven't gotten any kind of shipping notification or anything since I paid 3 weeks ago. Sent him a couple emails, but haven't heard anything.

I'm never had a problem buying from him before, and he seems like a cool dude. Hoping one of you might know if something's been up?


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Hey all,

I made a new thing under a different name that some of you might dig maybe? Tracks 5 and 7 are very chip and the rest is more chip adjacent I'd say. Let me know what you think!



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Hey guys,

got some new Gucci Mane remix content for all you maneheads. let me know what you think!


This is really silly. I would be surprised if you could visually see a difference between a lossless and a 128k waveform zoomed out like that side by side with non-dynamic material. They don't understand your question on Twitter because it's silly and makes no sense.

BLEO wrote:

Me, I have a Donner Yellow Fall analog delay and I love it. $34. Legit analog (I've opened it up and seen the chip).

Their page mentions it uses a PT2399 (http://www.donnerdeal.com/donneryellow- … pedal.html), which would suggest its not ACTUALLY analog like a BBD, but just sounds like it.


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Shruthi added

Wet/Dry mix works best for recording. Always nice to have a dry recording for later.

If you're using them live (which seems to be what you're asking), you should really be working in mono anyways. your stereo gameboy effects are probably not going to be much fun for the room.


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Can the Sample Rate mod get into ring mod speeds?


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If you have a Mac you can use Soundflower and run it into something like Audacity

ryba wrote:

Buy some vintage analog synthesizer and 4 track cassette recorder and learn to play keyboard...

+1 it really feels like you're barking up the wrong tree here

you can draw a filter sweep in LSDJ p easy on the wave channel if you wanted?


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i think he means like he finds music that uses exclusively notes from a c major scale to be boring..fair enough i guess.

i think if you're listening to electronic music and the way you judge interest or complexity is purely by pitch notation you're kind of missing the point maybe?

heck like even classical notation has a lot more going on than what pitches are being played; there's arrangement, rhythmic and dynamic interest, performance context, etc.

even then there's a lot of really dope, interesting music that's only using 7 notes or w/e. what a dumb way to listen to music.


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haha you guys..

has anybody mentioned Les Trucs? some great chippy synth stuff and super cool live shows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gaXelrdXa0