Hey so my mom is about to kick me out of the house because I totally trashed the carpet and I don't have a job, and I was wondering if possibly you guys could e-mail me multiple times a day to remind me to get a job because its really fucking taking a toll on my well-being. I also don't really know how to cook for myself, so if you could also just take the time out of your day to give me a good ribbing once or twice a day (you can be harsh! I can take the abuse! I smell like shit!) I would really appreciate it, and once I'm back on my feet I will be sure to pay you handsomely (in smiles!).

Thanks y'all!


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Thanks Beastmode. I really enjoyed your one-channel outings and your other tunes as well. Cool!


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Um can you not delete posts either/


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No problem, luke. Nice to see you walter, LS, etc!

As a special bonus    wink) I have made thsi all available for d/l


Wow... really takes the "chipmusic as novelty pastiche" thing to dramatic new heights.


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I'm working on that Cooshinator.

And the model I was drawing from didn't have a nippe


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Not so much a traditional release as a release in the colonic sense, here is a grouping of poopings for your enjoyment.


I don't really know what else to say. "Albums" are a thing of the past, guys and gals... now you gotta have an ARG with smell-0-vizion. See you in the phuturez.

thanks all of you! Been listening to your music for awhile now goto80. Big ups!


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im surprised that people are still surprised by texas gun laws when there are states bordering them that are 10x more lax.


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Rainbowdragoneyes wrote:

At least he still gets to go to my show, he missed the last one on account of being a dumbass and drinking too quickly and throwing up until later that night

Bwahahah so harsh.


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@nullsleep... if you are OK with a housewide snugglefest, you are welcome to stay.


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pimpled poops


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trash80 wrote:

If you are smart, you will find a idea that sounds good to you and sit on it for a few years without action.

If you are a fool, emotionally unbalanced, influenced by outside forces, or just straight up crazy, you will get whatever you want, when you want it, and you may or may not regret it later.... also, you should totally get a tattoo of my avatar. edit: or this guy right here: cool

In other words, you are retarded if you don't get snake-ish shit tattoed onto your forearm.


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arlen wrote:
tempsoundsolutions wrote:


im pissed to see NO reference to inpuj, one of the oldest running netlabels in a chip listing! a majority of the stuff there is experimental, sure...but certainly considered chip. maybe just too obscure, but i've repped inpuj for over ten years now. definately worth checking out.

I figured inpuj was mentioned in that label list if m3rck was in there.

Odd. But yes, inpuj fucking rocks.

That's a horrible reason to be pissed shawnfaze... but inpuj has amazing stuff on it. IQTU's first album is on there, and I think ii even re-released the other one that was on inpuj?


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I just realized that that morrissey tattoo is a double whammy as baby morrissey has a fucking morrissey tattoo on his chest. Jees.