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an0va wrote:

"it's awesome" - an0va

freaking LOL


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Really into Axis, Behemoth, Collision Event and Coalesce especially. Very adventurous. Some extremely inspired-sounding stuff here. This evokes a whole world for me that goes well beyond the "chip/metal fusion" concept. The cover art is important for setting the tone, but it's surprising how far the album roams from those roots. Also, really pushes the limits in terms of production (great blend of guitar + chip + sometimes vocals).


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Coming out of forum hibernation to say that this is a beautiful piece of work. Damn.


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I've been in a constant state of blown-away-ness about this shit since Blip Tokyo. Hadn't logged into CM.org for awhile and saw that the Moe Moe Kyunstep thread was still getting fresh posts and I was like "duh"

So this was ACTUALLY lots of fun. In fact.
Just so that's on the record.

Aww crap, I'm gonna miss ??? too???
Well, have fun everyone, I'll entertain the 2-3 people who stay in NY for Pulsewave smile


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Natty wrote:
exilefaker wrote:



Haha! Actually my foot-tapping might be a nuisance. But c'mon people, it's KNIFE CITY


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Luke, I was floored when you started playing shows and I'm floored again. Rocking out right now in the library listening to this, again.

Really makes chip music/visuals look/sound awesome (which they do, of course)--clearly a killer scene in Australia! And great interviews.


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Damn Luke, I'm seriously into that title. Do I get a do-over?
DC: Cool, three cheers for science! (and three for art and philosophy and everything else as well!)*

*fixed missing 'and'


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Well, yeah, good advice about not getting fired.
But, like, if you're gonna play other chip music, play this too.


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thanksss for checking it out, all.


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Just listened to this in its entirety and YES.
Ingenious instruments. Love that "snare" in trk2 (you know the one I mean.)


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KeFF - thanks! The art was done in Photoshop CS.

Thumbs so far up.