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Nullsleep wrote:

Didn't need any gun license or background check.  Just had to show ID, I think.

Sweet! After years and years of firing guns in my imagination every day this should be cathartic! I mean fun.


I'm on antibiotics so I'll be there 100% sober! big_smile big_smile

sad ...but smile


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Late to this thread...I'll be there 14th-16th. Never been to Austin so I'd appreciate it if someone can explain to me how it works. Thanks.


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LOL at the instructions for drawing a lemon. "If you want to turn it into a chibi fruit, then just add some chibi eyes."
Instructions clearly rule.

(pauses for breath)
best ever


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At first I was a bit irate about this, but then looking at the writer's bio I realized that his only publications are dog-related (he's written for K-9 Magazine as well as Dogmagazine.net, which appears to be the online version of K-9 Magazine). He must have simply mistaken chip music for something he knows anything about, i.e. something having to do with dogs.

Oh boy oh boy. Yes indeed.


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There have been a bunch of great lists and I'd love to see all these artists perform, but I can't resist repeating one that I happened to notice on my latest perusal of this thread:  OMODAKA!

Also:  I keep hoping to see another installment of Blip fanfic. Please god Peter, keep those coming throughout May and beyond.


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Ohhhhh wow. I don't usually get too into the wobblyness but this is just beautiful. Thanks 8BP and Cheapshot, glad this is now on my radar.


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*Really* digging "Into Ashes" right now. Parts of it remind me a bit of what a Game Boy Thunder Force track would sound like (that is definitely a compliment from my point of view.) Last track is blowing my mind too. Tons of variety on here. Amazing work.

Wish I coulda made it down to this. Hope you guys are already gearing up to rock.

Hey guys. Wasn't sure I could make it to this but it looks like I can. Woohoo!

See you guys at this. Soon.

So this actually did rule, as predicted.

Truly excellent lineup


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Thanks for the kickass thread you guys.

A couple more:

(TF IV gets tons of credit but III seems to be overlooked for some reason.)