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Eliminate Down (Genesis)--I actually had to go play this game for a minute just thinking about it. So badass.
Darius Gaiden (Saturn) for the music, graphics and multiple routes.
Thunder Force III (Genesis), because I still don't understand why people like IV better.
Radiant Silvergun (Saturn)
Axelay (SNES)
I would say Metal Storm (NES), but I suspect that's "borderline"/run-n-gun.


Just kidding.

This was really god damn fun. And it somehow felt both like a regular Pulsewave and an actual award ceremony.

Aww, I kinda miss Tower Records. And I can't believe a CD jewel case looks "old school" to me now. I plan to be there.
@XxXcLuSiVeBxPaPi4u2nv holla!
Sorry, jumped the gun.


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No offense to akira, ant1 & others, but in defense of my own interest in making real SNES music despite the low sample quality:  because of that and the reverb I guess, the SNES has a really distinctive sound even if it is, relative to some or even most measures, a crappy sound. Unless you take it for granted that if you're using samples you want them to be as high-quality as possible, I honestly don't know why it's puzzling that someone would want to duplicate the SNES sound. It seems to me analogous to using a slightly dated camera to achieve a certain look. It's a different motivation than using an NES sound chip or something, sure, but I think it could suit some music.

Also, thanks everyone for the great links, I'm gonna look into this bizness.

Natty, that's actually amazingly useful, esp regarding the shoes in my case. Thank you.
Uhh, not that I'm buying shoes for this. I'll have featureless black cubes on my feet as well as my torso. That is indeed how "formal dress" is defined on my home planet.

Wow, I love this.
I'm glad that I misheard the video the first time, because I thought he said "thanks, b*tches". That was hilarious, and now that I hear what he really said, it's touching as well.


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µB wrote:

SNES plays 16bit ADPCM sampels at 32kHz. The DSP interpolates. Due to limited storage space, often very short samples were used and then down pitched (which results in that fuzzy warm sound the interpolation creates).

Thanks! I've always wondered about writing for SNES too, and this is the kind of thing I'd like to hear more of. I know there hasn't been much interest in the SNES because it's sample-based (and by many accounts just generally crappy), but for my own possibly idiosyncratic reasons I would love know more about it. I'm sure just using a tracker and samples would be adequate, but I feel like the SNES does have a distinct sound (maybe that's just due to the down pitched samples like you mentioned, or some other constraints on the way the samples were usually produced/implemented).

::shrug:: Just expressing my interest, and I hope this thread continues.


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Very cool! Had no idea you used to do this kind of thing.

That was seriously a lot of fun. Happy Philly chippy times

I've missed 8static! See you all there.


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Although I've kicked trash in NYC and been an accomplice in Philly trash-kicking, I recently righted an overturned trash bin in the east village in a moment of sobriety. As I told glomag at the time, "Sometimes you kick the trash, sometimes you set it back up."

I was gonna say the same thing about the flyer and site matching, but not as artfully.
It's so exciting to see this on here.


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I feel more soothed and sophisticated already. This is a glorious thing.

Also, I can't resist...