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hey Pink - I'll give it a go smile

blimey it's been a while, lovely to see this is coming out looks like awesome fun! smile

Does the HELP key function in the same way m8?

On PC full screen mode is ALT+ENTER - does that work on mac? smile

PS - if anyone has any Q's regarding hints n tips on using the tracker / making instruments etc just pop me a message on twitter @_lemon wink

Here's an example of what you need to set in music.def in the multibank directory if you export my example IDM_Killer tune via the tracker to the filename "killer":

include "..\\..\\export\\killer.inc"
include "..\\..\\export\\killer.z80"

SECTION "MusicTable", HOME
  dw Bank(Inst_killer)
  dw Inst_killer
  dw BANK(Music_killer)
  dw Music_killer


Once you do this you should be able to just hit the Make.bat file and run the player.gb rom on your Gameboy smile

0) Make sure you download the assembler tools from Otaku in the bin directory (link is in the textfile in the bin directory)
1) Remember to change the export directory filename to your exported track
2) Remember to change the inst_XXXX and music_XXXX lines to reflect the export name of your track

Quick quick note; if your tune is presenting a flashing screen after compiling to GB, it's too big to be in a single bank and you should use the multibank replay...


Will be so cool to hear what you all make in this tracker, it's awesome fun + thanks to Stephane for releasing the full version \o_


Hey Yogi,
blimey only just noticed your comments: just a quick note, the confusion is caused as the pinouts on my diagram mean you can use a a 27c040 (512k) chip /o\ sorry about any confusion there - the pinout for 27c010 (128k) / 27c020 (256k) have a slightly different assignment for pin 31... On a 27c040 pin 31 is A18 y'see... v. odd that pin 1 would be complaining although tbh best practice is def to tie any floating pins - didn't think that would cause any issue tho - at least it does not on the Famicom smile Well done for fiddling and getting it working on the NES smile

I'll try and change the guide to reflect that soon! ^

ah crumbs yes - I thought I had updated my guide with a note on this; you only need the extra wires if you are using larger 27c020 or 27c040 eproms and doubling / quadding the data (as they are for higher address lines) ... thanks for mentioning that Derekb \o_

flipping fab big_smile just in case peeps need a guide (it's really simple to make NROM carts) I did a super quick guide on popping it on a cart here:
http://hackitup.tumblr.com/post/3211650 … -on-a-real


Having taken a look at this briefly for a 3rd time, I'm pretty sure that it is related to the type of MMC chip and board layout in use in Mario Golf, avoid said cart and I should think these problems should go away, I'm basing this on the fact that while I was away I did a little test using the Famicom version of Mario Golf and building a PR8 cart and it too misbehaved, no other Famicom carts did this (done a fair few tests now :) ...

Unfortunately I'm a bit lacking on the free time front and was really concentrating on getting them all working on the Famicom (which they do 100% btw :) Apologies for the late reply peeps \o_


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brill heart

Hey RG, I have not had a chance to do any more digging unfortunately; should have some more spare time over the next few weeks tho so I'll take look at it with some fresh eyes *fingers crossed* can get to bottom of it :)


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it could be the voltage regulator has gone bad, try replacing that - or (and I'm not sure as only have original NES + Famicom's here) it could be an internal fuse has blown. before you do anything tho = try an alternative correctly rated PSU on it just in case thats where your problem is. hope that helps! \o_

Hey Lavar - those will work just fine :)

Lavar; heya – a real good place to get  cheap components is Ebay :) search worldwide + be creative in what you look for on there (like searching 'in' listings) and you’ll have maybe 3 to 5 of each part for the price you’d pay for one in radioshack or maplins (not sure if you have those in Belgium) :)

RG; I’m beginning to think this is all tied to the Famicom’s lack of a CIC security chip and differences to the way the two machines initialise data – the reason PR8 might not be resetting is very likely related to this, I’m going to grab LFT next time I see him online and pick his brains (I warned him already hehe) about it as if anyone can shed light on anything h/w related its most probably him *Grin*

Neil; I repeated the steps in my guide and built yet another PR8 cart for Famicom in the interim so the Famicom side of things checks out just fine – we just have to poke around a bit more on the NES side, it's super weird but I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of it :)

Apologies for the delay getting back on here - work getting in the way of fun *Grin*