The mods are just a disk swapping hood for the top of the slim, plays burned dvd r-

75 each

Back-lit pocket with backlight (V4), Prosound modded, nanoloop 1.6 and USB link cable

Magic Swap modded PS2 slim w/cords Magic swap disk and one controller

Trades or best offer. message me.

I just wish that bass at  0:15 would go faster and be an octave higher.
Other than that it's slamman.


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Bass sounds like shit and the speakers are always weak, been attempting to find someway to make them stronger without an amp. I seriously don't remember them being that shitty. Could you check which ones to replace? I don't even know the first place to look for that, but I sure as hell could order the cap and solder it in.


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Anyway this would work with a pocket?

I'm on board too.
Get it? On board?!?!?

I got a problem with one of my DMGs. Powers on and has no video, but sound is clear. It had power issues before (battery contacts) but other than that it been functioning properly.

I thought you had to have the programmer board installed in the NES to put games/homebrew on one of those.

Where can I find that?

Speakers are still really weak, I wish I knew how to put an amp in this thing and better speakers.

Turns out I did not remove the EM2 and EM3 parts, both are fixed

using .022 rosin core silver bearing solder
This problem has been bothering me for awhile. I got two Gameboy Pocket boards I pro sound modded.
When i plug the headphones in it sounds quiet, but if i pull it out about half way it gets louder.
Both speakers are really quiet too, what am i doing wrong?
Two boards that are doing this as well, I'll post pictures.

Both boards, floppy wire

Board 1

Board 1 near volume

Board 2

Board 2 near volume

Considering getting an apeshit cart, how do you write onto the cart? Can you rewrite over and over on one?

I have legit back-ups, thank-you-very-much. Just wanted to know if it was capable of playing more than homebrew.


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What are these for? I thought this was used for midi controlers.