SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

Put all the channels on volume 47 and your wav volume and kick to FF.

wav volume only goes up to 3, right?


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Oooh I really love the second one! Thanks!


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My first EP was made with Nanoloop 1, some guitar effects and a Casio VL-1. I'm not sure if the music holds up that well, I was quite the beginner when this was released. Get it here:

Also possibly interesting: … as-diamond
Hour long live set with 1 nanoloop and some guitar effects. Same comment applies though + ignore the interview in the beginning and end.

The N issue might be caused by CPU overload, as you mentioned. In the original gameboy, the noise channel has the lowest priority, sometimes causing noise notes not to trigger at all. I presume that the GBA has a similar functionality and this is causing your problem. On the other hand, the fact that lowering the volume fixes it may point towards another cause.

I'm guessing your wobble time issue is because you put the LFO on free instead of trigger. If I remember correctly, if you put the LFO below the middle is triggered, and the LFO below the middle line is free. Can you confirm if this is the case?

This is just OSX asking for root authentication to run a program. The way around this is to put the word 'sudo' before './nlmidi02'. This will prompt terminal to ask for your password. If you fill it in correctly everything will proceed as normal.

so: just type 'sudo ./nlmidi02 -XXXX' and it will work

I can't vouch for nanoloop not erasing your stuff but 1) backing up is always a good idea. 2) When I updated my nanoloop one from 1.6 to 1.7 nothing got erased. A lot of my song data became unusable/sounded different because of function changes though. Of course, 1.6 to 1.7 was  a pretty big update, so maybe a small update won't change any sounds.


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sandneil wrote:

sign me up, the name i use for my techno/chiphouse stuff is "faust"

This may very well be the best burn that will ever see the light of day.


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kitsch wrote:

there are a few ??? tracks in the flashplayer down on the bottom of my site

but if someone knows of more please share!

??? is the best. Most of you will probably know this chipflip release but I am always very very happy to share it because it is so so so good!


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Ok thanks for the quick replies! I guess I will have to settle for emulated nanoloop beatz in the meantime sad

Hello Guys,

I woke up this morning and had a great idea! Buy Nanoloop 2! But unfortunately they're out of carts at the moment sad((((

I'm looking for the newest version (the green PCB shell). I can do the update to 2.7 myself if it is still running an older version.
I'm not sure about the price, as I don't know for how much they sold originaly, but we can figure something out.

As said in the thread title: I prefer Europe do to lower shipping costs, and, more importantly, shorter shipping time. Not against US though

Location: Antwerp, Belgium



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Hello Pibs,

Welcome to the community!
I think making the very fast trap hihats is impossible on the current version of nanoloop 2.x. You can approximate it by working in double time (140 BPM for trap). The artists you mentioned all use LSDJ and the R command to get the fast rolls (this is in fact very easy in LSDJ). Unfortunately there is no LSDJ equivalent for GBA (yet)

I make some kind of hiphop/trap whatever beats also with LSDJ:
There's also dauragon, who also makes hiphop with nanoloop (1, on GB):

Hello everyone,

I was listening to the (IMO fantastic) Advance Wars II soundtrack for GBA and what struck me is how organic it all sounds. I know the GBA has 4 sound channels (2 pulse, on sample/wave, 1 noise), but it seems like almost all of the tracks use multiple samples at the same time. This led me to conclude that the entire soundtrack was composed "out of the box" and then imported as samples. Can anyone confirm, or explain what is going on?


P.S.: link to the jessie's theme, a good example: … mp;index=6

ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

You can more or less, but you'll never be able to get more than one percussive sound playing at once if you do. The trick, I find, is to learn to spread parts over multiple channels. Using double time you can make kicks and basses on the wave channel seem to blur together for example.

One really great way to counteract the fact that you can only do one thing per channel (borrowed from beatboxing) is to introduce the instruments one by one. So, begin with hi-hat and snare and then suddenly switch to hi-hat + snare + kick. If the instruments kind-of-sound-alike (and they do in Noise for me) the brain fills in the old things even if they're not there anymore.

And double-time works great as well. I sometimes fill in missing hi-hats by going double time and D commands. I put the missing hi-hat on the step before and then use a D02 or D05 (depending on the channel speed) to make it sound just before the kick or snare hits. This makes it sound kind of wonky but it works for me.


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animalstyle wrote:

good stuff.  I'm surprised there isn't a whole entire scene / music label of high quality chip hop / chip rap.

You know, that was one of the biggest surprises when I started chiptuning. I knew there was a lot of chipstep going on, and i expected there to be a lot of chiphop carry over or something. I would love for a chip hop label to happen.

So thumbs up to all of this, I'm very curious about these collabs!

Simple version: you can't. There's simply no direct translation from sheet music in terms of note length to tracker. Every instrument has an envelope length, but this length has nothing to do with pattern length and can't be arbitrarily changed (it can be shortened or lengthened, not easily halved or 1.5'ed*)

Complicated version: you can: If you put a note on line 0 of a pattern and a K command (or new note) on line 4 you have a quarter note. Put the K command (or new note) on line 6 and you've effectively `dotted' the note, although this is of little help when actually composing I think.

*this can actually be done using tables, but only using absolute lengths, not relative lengths.


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I've been looking for a (willing) MC for a while now. I'd love to make something like this. Most of my current stuff is too 'busy' to rap over I think, but I am very willing to make stuff that is a bit more toned down to give an MC room to do his thing.

check my soundcloud here, let me know if you like it, I have lots of odds and ends lying around so don't hesitate asking if you want to hear more (unfinished) stuff:



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David, thanks so much for this! It's a very awesome piece of software!
Do you have plans to expand the rom with any other features (besides the VRC6)?