Eat lots of nachos, and gets lots sugars. Also lol banned.


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I've got a handful of realeses coming out over the span of the next few months. Just keep an eye out on my bandcamp

Just throwing this out there

110% Oreo - My Oreo
10% Bullshit
2% Be a pussy
10% Settle for less
33% Menstruation
11% Get High
4% Balls
20% BBQ
20% Ripped



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this is raw man, keep it up!

danimal cannon wrote:

I guess my argument is that going lower wont improve your bass sound, but optimizing your composition to enhance your bass sound works extremely well

Words of wisdom.

This is awesome! Haven't had an issue yet using Win7 64bit.

egr wrote:

suggestion:  It'd be nice if you could lock the loop button down so you didn't have to hit it every time

I also thought it by be cool to be able to change the tempo while the samples looped.

7.3 BNM

The DR-202 is a dinosaur of both sound, and design nowadays. It's still a reliably built machine, and it's very good at making what I like to refer to as "Adventure Time" music.

If you are trying to use this for anything else like club style electronic music, or banging hip-hop beats, I'd say this isn't for you.

nordloef wrote:

Comparing it to a sp404 is like apples and oranges. DR-202 is a drummachine and SP-404 a phrase sampler.

^Also this


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Thanks everybody! It means a lot that people appreciate what I do!

Downstate wrote:

i didnt really feel the last tune had a place on the ep tbh, not that its bad, i just liked the overall coherent vibe you had on the other 4.

The last track was supposed to be a bonus track I just forgot to click on the little box when I uploaded it, my bad lol

Ant1 is a hypocrite. … e-and-cool

and all of a sudden he hates hedgehogs.

What a foul, feathered, fiend,

A malicious, mandated, mallard,

A ludicrously, lazy, loon.

This duck is nothing more than a fraud.

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I'm down to play once I get my mixer, and get my LGPT album wrapped up.


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jredd makes me happy smile


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Yeah this right here a thread started to be completely retarded,

this is fine.

But post some hedgehogs, and

oh god, that's the end of the world.




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free download as always