Well, mGB it is! Thanks for the info

Hey all!

Is it possible to use the keyboard mode to play the WAV channel in LSDJ? I'd love to sequence some drums on my Arturia Beatstep Pro and use a couple of WAV kit's as well. I've only been able to play the PU1 channel, which was somewhat boring and I switched to mGB. Sad thing in mGB is that you don't have those kits or a table for your sounds.

Thanks for all the info. I'd also rather see it work without a kit though haha. Fingers crossed wink

Yes it's an official DMG-07 cable. Tomorrow I'll check the cable with a multimeter. Also used this next to the original schematic: https://i.imgur.com/ncwyhbX.jpg. Also going to change out the arduino nano with an uno, just to check if that might be the problem.

And if that all doesn't work, you might know someone who sells kits for this preferably in the EU?

So, I changed the wires on the midi ports around and now the Arduino seems to pick up some midi data. Still not working properly though.

I've put it in mGB mode (led fleshing from pin D8) and in Ableton i select my midi out, change around the midi channel from 1 to 5 (poly mode) and now when I send out midi the leds repond! (yaaaas). BUT, still no audio comming from mGB or anything. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for the help until now big_smile

EDIT: I've also noticed that in mGB, when I change stuff in Ableton (like the midi channel, or just hitting random notes), the settings in mGB are changing (like octave, pb range, sweep etc.). Maybe some info that might help.

Thanks for the replay! It check the joints and those seem to be ok. Also, if I put it in LSDJ Master mode it does pick up the tempo from LSDJ (by led's blinking). No blinking leds or anyhing when I'm sending midi to the arduino (mGB, sending to channel 1 through 5).

I think I did forget to connect the TX to the midi out, but that shouldn't have interfered with the midi in, right?

Damn I want this thing to work :'(

edIt: just to double check with someone. The midi connectors as in the picture here s from the back, right?()

Here's some pictures of the arduinoboy. Using a DMG-07 cable. I've removed my switch, because I used the one that always connects and disconnects when pushed, so the wrong one. I cycle through modes by briefly connecting the 2 wires where the switch should be.




Hello you beautiful people!

I've made myself an Arduinoboy using the classic Instructables guide and Trash80's documentation (https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-an-ArduinoBoy/), but there's a couple of problems.

I've wired up the whole thing and now I'm trying to use it (with mGB first, after that with LSDJ), but it's not responding. The status led should light up when it receives MIDI data, right? Not happening at all. Also it won't connect to the editor in Max MSP.

It does cycle through the LED's when powering up, but that's it. Also, when changing modes with the button, the LED for the specific mode doesn't stay lit.

Anyone had similar problems and could help me out?

Hey Chipcrew,

I found my C64 with SID2SID board in it and wanted to use it again. The problem is that every time I use the chip select to use both SID's my C64 crashes. I already checked if the parts were soldered correctly (especially the transistor) and I think they are. Anyone care to help me out? I'll post some pictures below.

Thanks in advance!


Mod edit: fxed the image codes.

Any idea on how much shipping to the Netherlands would cost big_smile?


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Dude, how rich are you!?
You sir, live in heaven.

wedanced wrote:

Gear and stuff I have used and currently use.

egr wrote:
W4LKR wrote:

Nevermind, got it.

It doesn't work, would be perfect though!

I meant to try this out on BlueStacks.  It's available for Mac too so maybe try that: http://www.bluestacks.com/

Just checked. Mac version doesn't seem to be there... YET! They say it's almost finished though (:

Nevermind, got it.

It doesn't work, would be perfect though!

Hey, do you might have the .apk file? I want to try to run this with ARC Welder in Chrome on my Mac so I can just use this in my Mac (:

TylerBarnes wrote:

Individual instrument exporting is seriously a game changer.


It'd be so cool to make your own 'default' instruments so you can create your own recognisable sound with that.

Hey Ben,

What's the difference between the Gen1 and Gen2 exactly? I want to backup my LSDJ saves, but that's it. Can I just use a Gen1?