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merry xmas yerself >:)

when the scene is ready to stand up and be political and idealistic i'm ready to be the part of the post-punky nuclear-holocaust, global-transcorp obsessed commie half of the movement. fuckin folks spent a good few years memin it up and talking down strong opinions about chiptune as drama, perhaps cos there were so many kids involved, no malice zo, who cares

can we make demozines and get fucking noisy with handheld composition/blockading devices and alert each other to local shitheads who needs protesting now


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big_smile hey you got to the point where you have so many hours of recording that it no longer fits in teh TSSATTIC

Shawn's a great drummer and has great taste, everyone should check out a random sample of his work
not to mention his more formal covers and tracker files!


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I have a blog about Doom here where I've been making replacement tunes for old custom levels I enjoy. Here are some of the cooler recent ones! Free if ya like, download contains extra MIDIs etc etc honk honkaroo


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As an artist:
1) Do you see any inherent worth to releasing your music through a netlabel?
imo netlabels have a really useful curating value and you get to see how other musicians understand your music and what styles they relate it to because as an artist you will probably have a bad idea of where you fit in unless you set out to meet some fantasy audience

2) What are the three most important things you look for in a label?
an IRC channel where people laugh at my jokes
people who actually know how to master and draw cover art
possibly hoping people on the label will have photos of their cat grooming against a pineapple or old copies of computer gaming magazines from around 1994

3) What are the top three labels on which you'd like to have your music and why?
ninja tune

4) What is the percentage of the money you think should go to the label?
more than i give

5) What services should the label offer? (art, mastering, physical CDs etc etc)
the first two
I know everyone dreams of releasing on EP but its impossible to make money on that unless you are already out of the closet and sort of rude to expect it

6) Your feelings on exclusivity and copyrights?
imo i am very sensitive about exclusivity

As a customer
good luck I never spend money on anything but chocolate cake


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retire sixteen of teh names I release music under and try and make Priss Gang the next big thing


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Does anyone out there who's a collector or a modder who disassembles old console/carts for parts ever worry about what their stash is doing to the hobby at large? looking at eBay for NES games is dismaying these days, both in terms of what AIN'T there and the cost of what is, so I can't imagine how hard the prices are rising for less ubiquitous systems and consoles...

of course that cost is kinda alleviated by the incredible ease by which things can be emulated but, if the physical specimens dry up to this extent, you have to wonder how long the interest in the games will remain!


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thanks for all the support and interest! i'll try and trick myself into opening famitracker again


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a bump for a highly worthy project


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thanks everyone! im pleasantly surprised zat people are choosing to download this!

i don't think this is "an event" or anything, just an EP im really proud of lol


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invisibly i eke out a repetitive existence on the fringes of society - and i vote

MIST SLUG on inpuj

Thanks to everyone who supports my shady work. These two songs are more beat-and-mood driven than the progressively-inclined tunes I used to attempt and a lot of work (by mnsn and bstates, people who know how to engineer) has been invested into making those attributes cut through the usual wall of chip-murk. Maybe you'll spot a little indie influence.

included for buyers is a companion EP full of stunted, twisted little soundtrack loops which, for added listener alertness, aren't allowed to loop. But don't feel compelled to spend - just make sure to listen to Kher Keep all the way through!

MIST SLUG on inpuj


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good on ya mate


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i think midines sucks but powerpak rules
has anyone drawn up a project for putting together a custom memory cart for NES using arduino or something
i wouldn't ask but someone gave me one    if i try soldering frankly i will probably die


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on tuesday
an EP you'll hate by me


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current state of online chip music scene: undiscussable without social media; undetectable without social media; inaudible without bandcamp and soundcloud


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cmo kid brothers "throw down your internets we're going out in the streets"