well I've messaged him on Twitter about the second round again, I'll post here if there are any updates

as a customer there aren't exactly many options at this point that don't rely on Seb doing something about it, it's far too late for a PayPal dispute

Another ask on twitter would be nice, but yeah the fact that we have to ask him to send us something we've paid for says a lot about this situation.

Maltine Records

Also sitting around the 1 year and 4 months mark here.

It'd be nice to have some recompense for the order taking roughly eight times longer than originally estimated, but at this point I just want what I paid for.


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TX Chip put together a free show last year, not sure if they're doing it again.

Yeah PC98 support! Gonna get some patches from some real unsung masters of FM in here.

Awesome job here dude.

I pretty much bought an MC-505 entirely because of that promo tape.

All the presets are so charmingly bad.

Thanks for the links!

Prices are about what I expected, def interested in the TB-3 at that price point.

Roland finally did what everyone's been wanting for decades and announced a pseudo-reissue of their old hardware.

The current Aira line consists of the TR-8 Rhythm Performer (808 and 909 integrated into one drum machine), TB-3 Touch Bassline (TB-303 with a touch pad), System-1 Plug-Out Synthesizer (based on the System synth line), and VT-3 Voice Transformer.

Unlike the Korg MS-20 mini they're not actually analog, they're analog-modeling. Roland's talking a big game about their "Analog Circuit Behavior" modeling system, and the demos released so far do sound very convincing.

No prices have been announced yet, as far as I'm aware.

el-bee wrote:

Just for the record, everyone who hasn't yet received their GenMDM, please reply to this! Who knows, maybe we can have a separate thread for all the delivery complaints smile

Still waiting over here, though I ordered my GenMDM with an email I don't have access to at the moment so for all I know it may be in the mail right now.

Not that frustrated since Aly James' VSTs have held me over in the meantime, but it's still kind of a bummer to glance at my modded, unused Genesis on the shelf.

Definitely coming out to this now that I'm in the area.

Hoooooot lineup. I'm gonna be in Montreal all summer, but as soon as I come back I'm looking forward to doing it up with all of y'all.


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I know a lot of people who swear by Elgato for capturing footage from old game systems. Considering that it's billed for its VHS capture, I assume it'd work fairly well for that as well. I'm not sure though.

I recommend going on NewEgg and looking at what Asus offers in the ~$500 range. Since you'll be using it for music, make sure it has a good CPU and a healthy amount of RAM. Laptop hard drives can be replaced if they only offer you a 256GB one, but replacing CPUs is a hassle. Even if you one of Asus' lower end ones in this line (mine still only has a Centrino processor), it'll still do most of what you need it to do. Unless you're getting into really complex stuff (like Downstate described), it shouldn't matter that much. I can still run Fruit Loops pretty well on this thing.


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Rick Nasty wrote:

does anybody know if you can get custom firmware on a psp go or psvita?

There's an exploit out there that allows custom firmware, but I'm not sure of its capabilities at this point. It definitely can't run Vita ISOs, but I'm sure the homebrew community is well on their way to a full-on hack.
Here's all the info on it, directly from the dev.

Fuck yes! I won't be able to attend this but it does my heart good to see TX Chip starting off. Once I'm down there for college I'm supporting the hell out of this.