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Maybe you could get an Oculus Rift and attach it to video out on the TG-16, if you want to go all out on that.

Saskrotch wrote:

I'm not sure if I'm misreading this, but TG-16 has two noise channels

Yeah, I was wrong on that one; forgot about the channel 5 and 6 noise channel modes, like Delek said.


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The Turbografx-16/PC Engine has a kinda similar soundchip? It doesn't have a noise channel similar to the Virtual Boy's sixth channel, but the Virtual Boy soundtracks I can find sound similar to the PCE's wave-table channels. It's a bit more advanced, but if you used it the right way you might be able to get something close to what you're looking for. If you're looking to add conventional chip sounds, like bryface mentions, you could always pair it up with a GB/NES.

I'd link an Ys soundtrack for an example but all I can find on youtube are the sick-ass redbook soundtracks.

Anyway, DefleMask has mad solid support for the TG-16/PCE, and Krikzz makes a flashcart for it, though it's kinda hard to find since not many people care about that system.


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Not to mention the apparent difficulty of staring at a Virtual Boy for the amount of time it'd take to do some good music production.


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I hit blargg up on there, and he reuploaded all the litewall stuff to tinyupload here. (Here's a mirror from my dropbox; I'm not sure if tinyupload links expire or not.) This includes all the revisions, source code, and documentation.

If you just want to read the documentation, here it is. The in-document links should connect to some dropbox mirrors.


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Is there anyone here doing it up in Austin or Dallas? There are definitely a few people on cm.o I've seen from those places, but I'm not sure how many are still active/in the area.


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I've got a mid-level Mackey mixer (not sure of the model) I'm borrowing from my school's A/V program for recording, so that should help with the preamps, right? I've got a separate Blue Snowball USB condenser mic I'm using for vocal recording, so I don't have much need for XLR. The audio interface is purely for Genesis/Mega Drive and guitar recording, routed through that Mackey mixer.

Thanks for the clarification, it's helped a lot! I think I'll stick with the Scarlett 2i2 since it's got the most positive reviews out of its general price range.


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Since this is the latest thread about audio interface recommendations...

Does anyone have any other recs? I've been looking into getting a Focusrite Saffire 6 for the dual inputs (which'll help with syncing guitar + Genesis stuff) and the 5-pin MIDI I/O, which may be useful at some point, but now they're out of stock and pricier at Amazon. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is looking like a more attractive buy, though it lacks the 5-pin MIDI I/O, and I'm unsure if the extra $50 for it on the Saffire 6 is worth it when I can buy a proper MIDI interface later on once I have more stable income. I'm a high school senior in an area where there aren't really any jobs so money's gonna be tight; are there any USB audio interfaces in this price range that are better? Or is that general range relatively bunk?


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jefftheworld wrote:

The Amiga is amazing and I can't fault it in any way, the software is readily available and easy to learn and the system is mega powerful.  I'm not sure why more people don't use it, maybe the hardware is less readily available or more expensive in certain places?

The Amiga is super cool, but, like many home computer systems of its ilk (ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, MSX and the few other imported Japanese ones), it didn't take off in the states. It's not hard to find one, but it's not like an NES or a GB where you can go to the local retro game store and pick one up on the cheap. And since it didn't have market penetration, there are fewer people with nostalgia for the hardware. Not that that's necessary, but it's not helping its case to the average "I wanna be a chiptune" fellow.

Dude, that ZX midiNES is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the ZX GenMDM in action!


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Jellica wrote:

i just get a bit weary of all the nintendo fetishism

Same, this is pretty much the only thing that kinda bothers me after a while, but the most common NES/GB tracking programs are great starting points for learning tracking and composing electronic music in general, and we're still seeing innovation in those fields. I'm glad that we're starting to see more people branching out into FM-based hardware and some more obscure systems, like DefleMask's support for the PCE/TG-16, more Genesis support, etc.


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HardstyleFox wrote:

Could someone tell me where I can the controls list.

blargg's blog is dead, but the controls for v3 are in this post; can't imagine they changed all that much. If anyone knows if there are changes to the controls to adjust for advanced features introduced in later versions it'd help, but all I see in this thread are suggestions as to how they'd work rather than blargg's full control list.

It's also a shame that SurfaceDragon's images don't work anymore, because they all sound really great in concept.

Seeing all of this new info and these new features pop up between Seb and Aly makes me even more glad I bought one of these. Thanks to both of you for doing so much for this hardware and this scene.


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Mine was at a high school talent show about a year ago. I had just gotten started with making full songs in VGM_MM, but I didn't have the cash to get a Genesis and flashcart or the creativity to do something original that'd sound that great. Since everyone at these talent shows did covers anyway, I covered "I Don't Wanna Die" by Ging Nang Boyz with VGM_MM (running off my laptop) and a guitar. The people running the show didn't care much for my sound quality so they wouldn't let me use the PA system and forced me to route the VGM_MM audio and guitar audio through a single practice amp someone brought to the show.

I got a recording of it afterwards, and it sounded as awful as I expected it to. Most of the attendees responded well to it, presumably since the rest of the talent show was entirely soulful covers of Top 40 hits. (The winner was a girl who covered "Pumped Up Kicks" with her acoustic guitar.) A few approached me afterwards, said I was the only person there with any sort of showmanship. Even if it ended up poorly, performing was fun as hell and I got one or two sales of my crappy first EP out of it. The Ging Nang Boyz cover is on there, and it sounded just as blown out and tinny on stage.


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wedanced wrote:

was there anybody selling a crystal clear mod kit or something for the model 2 megadrive?

A dude on the sega-16 forums is, I believe.


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I've mostly been lurking around for the past few weeks, still haven't posted any tracks but I've got a Soundcloud with a few alright tracks and a lot of practice stuff over here.

I'm a teenager from northeast Texas (about to go to UT Austin for college) who's been working with chiptune off and one for the past four or five years. I used to do a few things here and there with LSDJ, but I really got into chiptunes once I started using Shiru's VGM_MM software. It's still what I primarily use, though I plan on switching over to Renoise + little-scale's GenMDM. I think a big reason why I like the Genesis so much is that I grew up playing Shining Force and the Sonic games on my computer with those official Sega emulator compilations.

A lot of influences for me come from punk rock (Snowing, Ging Nang Boyz, Shinsei Kamattechan), hardcore techno (DJ Technorch, M-Project), eurobeat (lot of Initial D Super Eurobeat compilations), and a few other things. I'm still looking for something to focus on, in terms of musical direction.