Donated! This is looking awesome, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Also, for anyone here looking to try out making music with the Genesis, even through trackers like Deflemask or VGM_MM, Aly's manual for the FMDrive is fantastic at spelling out the features and the basics of making FM instruments. I wish I had a resource like this when I started off with VGM_MM. Thanks a ton for making it free! I hope it helps more people looking to work on this great platform.


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chunter wrote:

The M and O series workstations couldn't load new samples so neither can you. wink

Good enough for OMD, good enough for me.


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Looks like I finally need to pick up a 3DS.

I was hoping there would be some new samples on this or ways to load samples (like via the 3DS SD card input). Or MIDI over Wi-Fi sync, like Nitrotracker. That'd be cool. Either way, it's still a great deal, and that polyphony increase will help a toooooon. Oh wow, and MIDI export too! That'll make recording song ideas way easier.


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Squarejockey is pretty cool.


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Buy a Rock Band 3 Keyboard controller; it's keytar shaped and has built-in MIDI functionality.

It would be possible to mod a Guitar Hero controller for these purposes but it would be ridiculously, ridiculously inconvenient in comparison.


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e.s.c. wrote:

beyond that, when you base a currency on something, you have to choose  one thing to base it off of, that is consistent in every way possible and cannot be manufactured

Yeah, that's the base issue of any kind of virtual currency, BitCoins especially. All currency needs a referent with those qualities to work.

I vote we convert the Chipo idea into making nanomachines that can make any old hardware we want. Post-scarcity chiptuning is the REAL future


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The biggest issue with this idea of chiptune equivalent exchange is that prices on systems fluctuate a lot with their condition and their location. I'm not sure what the deal with that $300 for a PCE auction is, but after a quick google search I see a bunch of results in the $100 range? Maybe if you're in a place where that thing had no market penetration (like most of Europe) it'd be closer to that.

For a Genesis it'd need different values if it's a good Model 1, a really shitty sounding Model 1 VA7, a modded system that fixes these issues, etc. All the values of these things are incredibly subjective.


This is a really great first episode! There are way too many "wassup fellas it's me alone in a room teaching you about LSDJ" videos, so having some conversation and discussion of more than the basic stuff is cool. It's more natural than one dude poking a keyboard and reading off the LSDJ wiki. I just hope you go beyond the GB at some point, and I know you have experience with chip software other than LSDJ (you helped me a bunch with learning VGM_MM like... two years ago?) so I hope you get around to that at some point.

Aly James wrote:

SN76489: Indeed there is already a beta master system vst, I plan to support the PSG with the controller in order to have presets for envelope and arp...there is no timeline for now but it  will come smile

Rad! Thanks for clarifying.

Can't wait to get my hands on this! Everything you've posted of it so far has been super impressive.

Are there any plans for SN76489 support, namely on the GenMDM side of things? I saw that you've been working on a Master System VST that emulates it.


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Noisewaves are another pretty great example of this style.

The secret to shoegazey guitar sounds is loads of delay and reverb, but it's hard to get the right balance. As c-h-u-n-t-e-r said, it's all about experimentation; screw around with it enough and you'll get something that sounds nice.

EDIT: Oh boy, referencing names that are set to "someone" changes those names to "someone" afterwards. That's clever.


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Been messing around with this for the past while, it seems pretty capable so far but I'm not sure how to access some of the different effects. On their facebook page they show off a few things like an animated walking guy, trippy spirals, etc. Are things like that in this revision and, if so, how do you access them? I've only messed about with the random blocks/lines part.


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BeatScribe wrote:

At the risk of sounding like an old dude, I'm so happy to see young folks taking an interest in retro gaming and music. Most of the kids I know don't even know of anything before PS2 (except for re-released stuff). I think its awesome that another generation appreciates these games as much as those of us who grew up on them..

Thanks! I've always felt that if I ever wanted to understand games on any kind of academic level it'd be important to know what they were like before my time. I grew up playing Super Mario World on my dad's SNES and getting CD-ROMs of Genesis games from book fairs so I've always been into older games, and writing about the medium has helped me gain more interest in them on an academic level. I'm in the middle of writing a long piece on the original Shin Megami Tensei for the SNES, after spending fifty or sixty hours grinding it out in front of an old CRT with a modded Wii. There's an atmosphere in those games you just don't get anymore, especially if you're running them in an emulator on a computer. Twine games are the only modern thing I'd say gets anywhere close to it. Also how can you not love this? Outside of the indie scene and Twine games you don't see much beauty rising out of a need for utilitarianism in games these days. I'll always enjoy old games and old game soundtracks where they did the best with what they got and were able to push their narrative, mechanical, and aesthetic limitations far past the hardware itself.


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Lazerbeat wrote:

I wrote a love letter to my DX11 a while back … re-is-why/

Thanks for this! I've been wanting to get a Yamaha FM synth for a while and this seems like a great value.

Right now the only hardware synth action I get is on this baby:



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Another high schooler here. I've written about games for various publications for the past two years but I've yet to be paid for anything I've done. I'm planning on going to UT Austin for accounting mostly so I can get a stable job. I've enjoyed what I've done in that field (UIL Accounting state champion over here), but I'm mostly in it so I'll have money to support my other interests, like music and writing.

Right now I'm the managing editor (and primary contributor) for this small site I run with a few friends. I figured if I'm never gonna get paid for this shit I'd might as well do it on my own terms. So far the only claim to fame I have is getting featured on Gamasutra once for a thing I wrote about a campaign to boycott Atlus and their North American publishing branch.

If you don't mind converting it from native formats, Zophar's Domain has a pretty wide selection of video game soundtracks. Use WinAmp's ChipAmp extension for playing/converting. Alternatively, you can look through there for Foobar extensions, but that requires installation of two different versions of Foobar so you can have full compatibility with GBA and DS sound files, and even then you can't use a few formats, like Turbografx-16/PC-Engine.