Filled it out.

Can't wait to see TX Chip expand!


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This is some rad stuff, bry! I've never used M01 before, but the tips in those videos got me to start using it, and it seems like a great program. I'm all for making cheesy eurobeat shmaltz, and this fits that perfectly. Great for quick song ideas too, more so than Nitrotracker thanks to the wide variety of built-in instruments. Especially those kits.


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I can definitely see this being useful for Korg DS-10 and more experimental MIDI to button-input stuff, but you can use the DS as a pretty alright MIDI sample-based synth with Nitrotracker and MIDI I/O over the DS' WiFi, only at the cost of the flash cart. I'm not sure how well it works, haven't tried it out yet.


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Lovin' this! Long Live TX CHIP


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egr wrote:

This description is so great that I almost don't want to look up the band for fear they won't live up to it.

But I will anyway.

I hope you dig em!

Another kinda weird parallel between the Lips and Kamattechan is that they've both done some hella weird collaborations. Kamattechan once collaborated with B.B. Queens, a really bad one-hit wonder pop band, kinda like that time the Lips collaborated with Ke$ha. They did a live TV performance where everyone except Noko and Kamattechan's keyboardist played the song while Noko and the keyboardist just fought and screamed at each other. It was pretty great. I can't find the youtube footage atm because I don't know Japanese that well.

They also did a really fantastic show with Midori, the hardcore punk/jazz band, but the live footage of it isn't on youtube.


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A few things from my (I like introducing people to music so they're non-standard stuff):

Ging Nang Boyz: Japanese punk-pop unit that screams about sex and acts like Iggy Pop on stage. They're getting some notice in the west since Jeff Rosenstock of Bomb the Music Industry! and Shinobu have both covered their songs.

Shinsei Kamattechan: If The Flaming Lips never evolved out of doing acid punk and kept that influence through the remainder of their work, they'd probably sound kinda like this. Punk vocals and guitar with multi-layered synth/piano melodies. Their frontman and songwriter Noko is about as crazy as Wayne Coyne and as musically talented as Steven Drozd. Their album Tanoshii ne is available on US iTunes now, and it's their best work to date.

The Radio Dept.: Mellow shoegazey pop. Labrador, their label, is putting out some of the best pop music in the world right now.

Shoji Meguro: Primary composer for Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei series of games. He flits between musical styles often; he's one of the most versatile composers I know. My favorites are his synth-rock scores for Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne and the Digital Devil Saga games, and his more poppy score for Persona 3.

Adebisi Shank: High-powered math punk. I recommend seeing these guys live; they put on a hell of a show and they're super nice and down-to-earth dudes.

chalkboards wrote:

I've got 2 1080p DSLRs and a stereo feed from the board planned!

Sweet! Can't wait to see the results.

Rad as helllllll, I hope someone records this!


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nickmaynard wrote:

i think there should be a new piece of punctuation to indicate when you are joking on the internet.

alternatively this needs to make a comeback


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- Beverly Hills Cop
- The Aquabats! Super Show!
- Class of Nuke 'Em High
- Beyond the Black Rainbow
- Boys on the Run
- Slacker
- Home Movies
- Sports Night
- Beverly Hills Cop II

yogi wrote:

Seb, Great News!!! Thanks so much for putting this project together!
I'm SOOOO excited \O/
Aly James, you have major cool points******* Def need to buy you a beer!

Ditto, I look forward to buying Aly's VST because sweet jesus does he deserve to get paid for this technical wizardry.


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This is mad hot, wow. Great tracks and great mixing!


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This sounds rad! I'll see if I can pull something together for this.

I'm probably gonna be coming down to Austin sometime in the near future to do freshman orientation at UT, so if I can get some more equipment for live performances it'd be rad to do some stuff with y'all. Or just chill and chat. That'd be cool too.

brownkidd wrote:

geek culture

I think the song's alright. Sticks to the tried-and-true formula you see in most popular dubstep production, but it's got some clever sampling here and there. Fun enough. I can't see my opinion on it really changing that much if they replaced the chippy leads with the average trance synths though. More focus on the chippiness would improve it drastically.

Dubstep doesn't really have anything inherently good or bad about it, I think. Most other popular EDM genres grow into similar structures: a strict formula, a characteristic instrumentation. Dubstep is essentially the new ULTRASAW BREAKDOWN-INTO-SILENCE TRANCE in that regard. What's Tiesto doing these days anyway?

There'll always be dudes who created the genre that make good material that doesn't adhere to that 100%, and there'll always be dudes who come afterwards and build off of the established formula. James Blake is pretty danged cool. And a lot of the subgenres that've spawned out of dubstep's quick rise have been interesting, at the very least. More dubstep horrorcore/gabba please.

I'm hoping that the popular dubstep goes the way of eurobeat, getting sent off to some part of the world where people will be able to appreciate it for decades onward without it getting in the hair of the general global populace.


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I listen to way more punk and hardcore than metal so...


Dillinger Escape Plan
3 Inches of Blood


GOING STEADY / Ging Nang Boyz
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Black Flag
Descendents (just Milo Goes to College and some of I Don't Wanna Grow Up, not the pop-punk stuff)
Rin Toshite Shigure
End of a Year / Self-Defense Family