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Jazzmarazz wrote:

sexy. Gonna grab one of the 100. Are they individually numbered?

They are not.


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New Bright Primate double single is out on Telefuture! Features two new tracks, and two remixes (from MisfitChris and Roll Mingwald)!

We even made some cassingles!

Grab a copy here!

Hey all! I somehow ended up with two copies of Anamanaguchi's Scott Pilgrim OST. I was curious if anybody wanted to grab my extra and avoid paying eBay prices.

The album looks like this:

Album is in original shrink wrap, but not sealed. Has not been played. Vinyl is translucent lime green.

I paid around $30USD, and would let it go for the same (includes US shipping). Although I'd much prefer to trade for some other rad chip record(s).

Please email me if interested! iamstevejenkins /A\ gmail /COM\


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Saskrotch wrote:
alex_mauer wrote:

really? i thought it sucked *TROLL* - is that the only way to get a discussion going anymore? wink


Worst album I've ever heard. How long have you been making chip music? Like 2 days?


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This is a tough one...

Discordance Axis

Also, can mods ban users who mention Linkin Park in a metal thread?


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L.Power: Abinox (!!!)
Alex Mauer & Phlogiston: Vega CC
Alex Mauer: Koalie is Dead
Flavortron: Ultim8 Rave Classiqs, Vol. 1
Linde: Stone Soup
Slime Girls: Vacation Wasteland
It's All In The Reflexes - A John Carpenter Tribute

Dang, it's been a good year!

Edit: I forgot to list the Retro City Rampage OST


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This release is fine and all, but seriously... Needs more Satan, bro. (Actually not serious at all, this release is great).

I don't comment very often on these boards, but felt compelled to do so here. Truly amazing work!


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Holy moly. Best comp in the world!

akira^8GB wrote:

Here, Don, quench your thirst:

This track is too good.


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Got my cassette today. Loving this release!

TrueChipTillDeath wrote:

Personally I find it quite sad that there are so many threads trying to mislead people that its carrying over to legitimate attempts to grow the community such as the Blip Memorial Compilation.

Blip was great and worth commemorating, but people harassing others attempting to do so is unfair and unwelcoming. It is a poor attitude for this website and a misrepresentation of this scene.

Heosphoros? Is that you?


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godinpants wrote:

We'll still be friends forever right?

I can relate to this video.



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pixls wrote:

i made dis 4 u heart

Woah! BLAZING hot!


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We recently guest hosted an episode of the Gamewave Podcast (Episode 54) that features music from all of our launch titles, as well as previously released tracks from Telefuture artists. Check it out if you're curious to hear some sweet tunes accompanied by Heosphoros and I chit-chatting.