Bit wish wrote:

hide your drugs in it.
Make bomb.

Since this is such a serious suggestion, I feel that there needs to be a serious compromise here. Combine the two: Drugbomb.

No gaming laptops and no Eee PCs (I have one, can't do much with it so I assume this isn't what you want). Buy one for the average user and go from there. Can't recommend any really, I just know that the two options I (and many others before me) mentioned are worthless. So unless your keen for a new paperweight you choose something else.


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zebra wrote:

I think i've gotten a lot worse.

You know. It's not impossible.
There's a strength in being "new" to something. Your mind doesn't need to worry itself with any limitations, techniques and other stuff like that and you are more relaxed in what you do. There's strength in ignorance in this context.

This isn't meant directly at anyone, I'm just saying that this is a real thing that happens. But it's also temporary.
Everybody gets better after being hit in the face with that sack of bricks that is reality. smile
I've been decked numerous times in all areas in which I try to create something, it takes time to recuperate.

Right now I'm in this state still when it comes to my music. I create stuff without the *slightest clue* about proper ways and techniques and I feel as it's finally starting to pile up. There are hundreds of things I have to learn and cope with...


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No idea. But I do know that Sweden has a pretty large number of chipmusicians. smile


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Yeah, no. I try not to think about my older stuff. It's not even online anywhere so neither can anyone else. tongue

But hmm... It hasn't been that much of a change I'm afraid. I guess the only thing that's really changed about how I make music is how much I know about general stuff that goes into what makes something a song, and learning software on top of that.
But I'm still as big a moron when it comes to actual music-knowledge as I've ever been. I'll probably learn more and more as I go along, no point in obsessing over it, methinks. smile


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Doxic wrote:

You have some cool tracks man, followed for sure smile welcome to cm.o!

WOW! Thank you so, so much! big_smile


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I'm my.Explosion. I'm from Sweden.

I make some stuff that could be called music.
I use a DMG and LSDJ. I'm on *one* unit right now but I'm looking into getting at least another one.
My songs are therefore either chiptune hybrid songs with ordinary "dow-chika-dow", or just chiptunes that use 3 channels on the Game Boy. smile
They're not very good as I've pretty much just started making tunes on the Game Boy, but I try.

Here's a link to my soundcloud
Edit: Changed link...