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herr_prof wrote:

Ok so what's the top of the line phone for this?

Take your pick. I'm pretty sure anything S60v3 will work (assuming it has a decent CPU). Newer units might too, but I don't have one to test on obviously.

herr_prof wrote:

Any hope of midi support ?

Sure, if you want to run it over a Bluetooth serial port. No idea what the latency would be like though.

pselodux wrote:

Is there any way to port it across to UIQ3?

It might just work. If not, then it should be pretty simple; UIQ3 is S60v3 with a different UI layer as far as I know.


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The moment you all haven't been waiting for - now you can pig out on your Symbian phone!

This port is tested & working on a Nokia E63, which is S60v3 FP1. It should work on FP2 and MR (but might need recompiling), but I've no idea about later editions.

To get kicking, install all of the prerequisites, then grab the latest ghetto ghetto port build. Make sure you've enabled installing unsigned software.

If you want config or mapping files, put them in c:\data\lgpt.
Default keys are set up for a qwertyphone: left and right softkeys are the shoulders; green call is start; P and backspace are A and B respectively. Dumpevent is hardwired to on if you need to look up keycodes - look for the log in d:\lgpt.log (SD card, if you have one).

The audio infrastructure on Symbian is pretty crap. Some phones will respect the audio buffer size setting, and others won't; it defaults to 0 (OS default), and you can configure it in the usual way. This version also implements a sandbagging hack to get the latency down when there's no buffer control available; this involves delaying sample submission whenever the OS buffers get too fat. You can configure this with the config.xml option S60SANDBAGDELTA - defaults to 11500 which gives best performance on the phones I have access to; 0 disables the mechanism entirely. Too low will cause skipping.

For the brave and/or foolhardy, the source is on GitHub. At some point I'll clean up the tree to a reasonable standard.

This for sure isn't a popular platform nowadays, but I'm not the only person in my suburb rocking an S60 phone - and now I'm not the only one rocking a proper tracker on it either.

YES *jams wallet into CD drive*

Which version of Windows are you running, Cipher_Punk?

bitjacker wrote:

My new derp cart is named Heaps? why?

because, in order to do a hell actual chiptune, you need a heaps cart.

PM smile

snesei wrote:

This is also happening to one of mine, I did try deleting the files (I didn't know I was supposed to just overwrite). What should the .gb and .sav be called on the cart? Does that matter?

Doesn't matter - it will detect the ROM by its header, and the sav by its file extension.

GoingHam wrote:

Out of curiosity any eta of second wave of carts?

Not yet. I'm close to being able to fork out for the next batch - remember these are funded entirely out of my own pocket smile

bryface wrote:

is that fixable through firmware?

i'll certainly fix it if i can reproduce it. it'll be at least a month though - i'm unspeakably busy for about that long.

bryface wrote:

i noticed some intermittent peculiar behaviour with my DnD this morning.  For about a week, i hadn't used it because i was busy writing using BGB on my PC in the meantime.  when i decided to migrate my SAV to the DnD,  the SAV on the cart at first would refuse to get overwritten.  after about 6 tries though, i managed to get it to work.

are you deleting the "files" on the cart before copying the new savs on? you don't need to do that, as they aren't real files (which the instructions perhaps don't make as clear as they should). deleting the existing "files" is known to cause issues on some versions of windows.

Jansaw wrote:

Ya I think the cart's defective. Tried a few different cables/OSs to no avail.

Check yr mail smile


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nice work!

so satisfying getting that stuff working. (the drag'n'derp has a MBC5/3.3v cpld-based design also.)

nitro2k01 wrote:

snatcher, the one thing I can think about is that depending on your OS, you may have to eject the cartridge between writing a ROM and a SAV. Ie, you can't write both things without unplugging and replugging the cartridge in between.

not an issue on any OS with latest firmware.

snatcher123 wrote:

abrasive, can you please help on this?

i replied to your email earlier today. check your spamfilter?

aw yiss

nitro2k01 wrote:

Well, I told abrasive I had things working some time ago and so he added that note to the homepage. Now that I'm not ready to release it yet, I thought I'd rather say so here than bother him to change the page, since I was planning to have a release ready soon anyway.

Edited the page to reflect this. Please let me know when it's supported and I'll update FAQ / post a news item.