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That's disappointing, I thought cTrix was working on one. I mean you could have tons of samples already stored in a cart image and then a windows program to modify the samples stored on it. But I guess if transcribing mods was good enough for game devs, that's as good as it gets.


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Anyone have an executable build of the SNES tracker to run on SNES?


Or any other native SNES music programs(other than OG mario paint, already got that)

I see song players and whatnot, looks like most stuff is composed on PC and compiled for playback on SNES.

Short of getting a USB PCMCIA card and a midisport uno you could try to build a serial port midi adapter, but you would need a driver too that maps the midi to the serial port. Or someway to adapt the serial port for usb devices.
For software There's All Sound Tracker. That will take midi input and can use OPL3.
I think there may even be mpu-401 pcmcia cards,
but people have been buying up all the old pcmcia cards, hard to find much these days.
Best to find some way to add usb.


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Some stuff from the last 5 years is online now in module form. Break out the Sound Galaxy/AWE64/Vibra128 and I'll see ya bouncing off the clouds. Maybe don't use the Vibra 128. Unless it turns out really amazing.

https://modland.com/pub/modules/Ad%20Li … levicious/

what about station64 or sidwizard? I mean what are you looking for? chances are it exists if you explain your concept further. they have the abilities, it's just about having the right hardware setup to use it.


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If not power supply, usually it's the PLA chip and sometimes the VIC-II or RAM or Character ROM are shot. Most of the other chips stay solid. Check lemon64 or google to diagnose the symptom properly. I think lemon64 gets more traffic than chipmusic fir these types of issues.


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I just got a Datel Midi cart to use. Tried it on station 64, sid wizard and it has really weird midi issues. The notes hang on sid wiz and aren't always triggered. Then some times they play themselves after i hit the key like a retriggering note hang. On station 64 a random note plays intermittently and the notes are severely delayed like up to 10 seconds. Anyone ekse have these issues? Using a roland pcr-300 controller and PAL c64c with dualsid. I had the second sid set to $de00 but thoughtthe issue may be because of the cart pin for chip select so i changed it to $d420. Even when the second registry is disabked it has these issues. Is it just a terribke midi device

Yea you can run the program, but there's no disk management in sidwizard so it will be looking to read and write from where the program was run. So without recoding it it's not going to work.


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Virtua Fighter 2 is definitely FM synth tunes.


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I think that's just how pcm sounds if it's in a compressed format as there is no hardware decompression. Raw audio will sound fine, but compressed will have that bit-crunch.


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Creative and OPL go hand in hand ;D Thanks for listening. I am definitely a big fan of hardware synthesis in tracker environments. I'll keep making these until the hardware driven computer synth music comes back to our games and operating systems.


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My latest compilation.


I like the uIEC/SD paired up with a jiffyDOS Kernel. Same thing as sd2iec SD drive basically. Just throw together a .d81 of all the SID Wizard stuff of make specific ones for converting/composing to save some space for save files as you cannot overwrite or delete files in the program. Definitely, sort through the instrument patches before adding them all too as they take up tons of space.


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How multi-timbral is it? Sammich FM only allows 4 4-op instruments, so running in 2-op mode you must be able to do quite a few.

Yea I've used the docking stations and all facets of MPU-401 with different software. It seems it was more designed for MIDI out use. DOS midi inputs have a lot of issues on different hardware. A lot of the time with different software it is completely unresponsive and can only do one key at a time. That's my experience at least. Windows 3.1 seems to have better MIDI control implementation, but there's not much modern dev for music software in that. My advice if you want to play live FM along with trackers is get a yamaha PSS-480 or something. If you're trying to record MIDI composition DOS Trackers are not the best tools. Voyetra or something would probably work better.

There is an overclocking tutorial out there for libretto. Might be a fun mod. But really you need MMX is you want to do anything. I think Waldo was on to something in that first response.