Would you sell just the cynthcart and overlay?


I will literally give the first person to post a video of it in action (including the software) $5.

The funny thing here is that your tutorial shows a pc with a mic input, but the screenshots are of a mac, which do not have a mic input....or do they? It seems like the headphone jack used to be able to double as a mic input, but not any longer. Is that right?

What's the best way to get audio in to a mac?

Saw this over at retrocollect.com and found it extremely interesting.

More information/purchase here: https://www.tindie.com/products/pepijnd … hield-kit/

How wild would it be to sync lsdj over the internet? I'm sure latency would be awful, but it would be cool to see nonetheless.


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Hmmm, do you have a source for those? Something like this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/SIGNETICS-27C64 … 3aa175228a


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jefftheworld wrote:

That's the access timing. For the C64 this needs to be faster than 500ns. EPROMs will commonly come in 450 ns models and these will do just fine.

Thanks a lot for confirming that for me.

Is it okay if I ask just one more question? The programmer I'm going to be using is a TOP2004. Info can be found here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TOP2004-EPROM-U … 7675.l2557

It looks like this exact chip (from this manufacturer) isn't supported (or at least not on the list), but the exact same model from AMD is. Am I safe to assume that this programmer will still work fine with the eprom? Or is it very specific?

In general, how particular are eproms? Would anything from the 27C64 "family" be compatible with each other, or are the exact variants unique?


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jefftheworld wrote:

To be fair, Kerb does a lot more than just midi. It does come with a MIDI-enabled version of Cynthcart but includes other software as well - including Steinberg's Pro-16 - and allows you to upload your own PRG files to the 2MB flash memory.

Ah, thanks for that info. I still just think it's beyond the scope of what I'm capable of at this time, as well as out of my price range. That would be a great next step though, if cynthcart gets too limited for me.

I have confirmed I'll have access to an eprom programmer, so I'm looking at chips to flash it with. I've found this site http://www.futurlec.com/ICEPROM.shtml

They sell the 27C64 eproms that it looks like I'll need, but I'm unsure on which one I should get. They offer 120, 150, and 200ns versions. I sort of assume the 200ns would be fine for something as old as the commodore, but I really have no idea what those timings actually mean. Can anybody confirm that these chips will work, and if so, which one I will need?


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TylerBarnes wrote:

It certainly seems that way. Though getting the flasher, the uv eraser, the eproms and that board would all cost more that just getting the AtariAge production.

That's true, I failed to mention I (probably) have access to a flasher. The viability of attempting to make this on my own depends on that factor alone! Assuming I do, where can I pick up the eprom? Are they something readily available on ebay, or do I need to harvest an old cartridge?

herr_prof wrote:

Or it might be cheaper to just get:

I have no idea what that is! Is it some kind of multicart that also includes midi? The only midi cart I'm really familiar with is the MSSIAH. That being said, I think I'd rather just play the C64 like a synth than try to control it with midi or a tracker.


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So I'm going to have a C64 in my possession very soon, and I think a cynthcart is the way I want to go. I can see that atariage sells them for about $30, but I being cheap was looking at other solutions.

I found this on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Commodore-6 … &rt=nc

I'm just curious, would it be as simple as buying that pcb, an EPROM, flashing it, and soldering it together?

If you have any other C64 tips for me as a noob, I'd appreciate that as well.



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For real, maybe a month of hiding wasn't long enough?


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Sounds good! I'll just wait to hear from you whenever you're ready!


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Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I am so close to buying one, but on your site it says that a hardware revision is needed. So does this mean there will be a v3 (or v2.1) of the joey-squinson soon? Or is that mistaken, and it's actually talking about a firmware?

Nice to know that worst case scenario I can easily change firmwares.

So on the second beta, a bennvenn cart shows up as one rom, and one flash? And on the latest official they will show up as 4 roms, 4 savs?

I guess the issue is that the fightercarts aren't really being sold right now. I have one, but it's my main composing cart so I'm hesitant to let it up for a few weeks. Though if I could get my hands on one of your flashers, then I could update my bennvenn cart with the new rom so I don't have 4 lsdj roms with one sav each. Then I could just transfer my sav onto the bennvenn and use that while I send you my fightercart  so you can work on that. Do you think you'd be interested in some kind of a swap, where you send me a flasher and then I'll send you my fightercart, then once you're done with it, I'll just buy the flasher? Basically what I'm saying is that the only thing holding me back from buying this right now is fightercart compatibility. Sorry if that sounds sketchy or something, I just want to make sure all of my bases are covered before I invest in your flasher or an Altane.


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So just to clarify, what all is this capable of flashing? Just EMS 64 and BennVenn? I'm confused about the firmware changing as well, can you provide more info on how that is done? Basically I have 3 flash carts: EMS 64, BennVenn 256, and a ASM Retro Fightercart. I'm assuming this won't be able to flash my fightercart, but I'll be able to dump the rom and save. What will I need to do to flash both my EMS and BennVenn cart?

This is seriously so awesome, really great work here. Did you know you got a writeup on RetroCollect.com?

Also, is the case/shell removable?


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Great work there! Really nice looking case.

I'm really interested in seeing a video or tutorial on this thing in action.