Awesome work Matt - really enjoying this smile

I would say the Atom Heart (Atom™) of Chipmusic - i.e. much more talented / prolific / interesting / well rounded than an  Aphex Twin comparison smile


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Whole set is here -

Tracks 1,3,5 = C64C with 3SIDs (8580) using Scannerboy's 3SID PCB and Hermit's Sid Wizard (3sid version)
Tracks 2,4,6 = C64C with 2SIDs (8580 and 6581) using Prophet cart

Verb = Strymon Blue Sky pedal

In testing I did run it many times in VICE NTSC mode and it does indeed function (also DDI who designed the PCB tested it in the states on NTSC) - but as 4mat mentioned the output is totally altered, and all of Goto80's SID tunes are warped both in speed and output - so the whole dynamic and vibe of the cart is lost sad

UPDATE: all hardware has been sent - is it possible to have this whole thread deleted?


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A new batch is now available via Shareware+ - email to order one is linked here -


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I hear the Alien Group Voice Box speech synthesis update is on the way smile

Here is a short segment of one of the 3SID tunes I did in my Squaresounds set in Melb last week - granted I am doubling up some channels - all using Hermit's 3SID version of Sid Wizard

Hmm I am using 3SID Wizard with an sd2iec device and it saves everything fine - am I missing something?


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Just to update - I did the 3SID install (with decoder board too) and it is running perfectly in 3Sid Wizard - Hermit said to me he is considering doing a converter so that 1 and 2sid song files can be converted for use in 3sid wizard which would be very handy.

Will upload some pics of the install on my C64C when I am at home


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Someone should add DUBCRT to the creations page - since there would be no DUBCRT without defMON smile

Hi this is a long shot - but has anyone heard or know of this guy "Hassy" ? I just paid for a cool piece of old Amiga hardware - and once he received the money he became strangely disconnected and essentially refused to send me what I had just paid for! (quite a few dollars I might add).

Linked below is a gameboy mod or something similar he has done - but his main site lists his huge amount of audio / visual tech stuff he has done.

So I am merely trying to see if anyone here has any connections to the guy before I really investigate what the hell I can do!


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Take my money please!


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Take my money please!


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4mat wrote:

Yeah 128 has no advantages, apart from the 128D which has a drive built-in.  Unless you specifically like Mssiah's workflow personally I'd go for any scene tracker made in the last 20 years instead, will more likely get you that 'c64 sound'.  Before you pick one though I'd suggest trying some different tools in an emulator because working on Gameboy and C64 are quite different.

Mssiah is clunky as f*ck indeed - but in a live show setting the interface does have some pretty nice quirks that trackers don't really allow easily.

Personally I don't use Mssiah / Prophet for midi chains anymore (bassline / monosynth modules) - but the sequencer mode with 2xSIDs makes for a pretty nice environment for a live setup where you have reasonably high level of control over filters / SID quirks, and with the magic of Scannerboy's DIN / midi sync I can hang my electribes and other midi devices using Prophet64 as the master clock which is nice!

DUBCRT is finally released on DataDoor records - details!

It’s finally out! DUBCRT is a music album, interactive light synthesizer and remix-gadget released as a Commodore 64 cartridge. It holds 8 songs by Goto80 with inter-reactive PETSCII-visuals coded by 4mat, with graphics made by iLKke. Get it on Bandcamp!

The hardware cart unfortunately sold out in 2 hours (!) but the audio version is still available - and a fresh batch of cartridges will appear later in the year smile

Bandcamp -
Goto80 DUBCRT defMON jam -