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Pixel game maker is what I'm using.  Not too hard to learn.

I appreciate everyone's support as a deeply mired FLStudio composer of chiptunes.


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I was thinking about grabbing squaresynth for live looping on my ipad pro. I think it was like $9, idk why I don't already play with it.


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You did such an amazing job with this, I didn't know a game about trains could have such exciting music.

I want to be where you stand.


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I admire anyone who can command a tracker with authority. I can't.


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4mat wrote:

History of chipmod techniques as I remember them in the '80s-'90s.

Dan of anarchy ---> Danarchy.


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While this may not interest me as I am a bumbling moron when it comes to trackers, I know the hard work this takes. I commend you.


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Hi, I'm new to the forums as well.
holy moly your sounds are very welcome and unique. This isn't minimalist anything, it's maximalist.

Woah, now I have a sweet car ride mix.
Thank you for sharing!


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That's pretty novel, I like it!
you're basically a half step away from making a vertical shoot em up!

I am composing this song as part of a game project I am developing.
The core theme draws from castlevania with modern influences.
It is only using 3 channels / voices currently, so I've been second guessing adding another movement or voice into the piece.
It already loops pretty nicely, but extending or adding variety wouldn't hurt and might add something to it. Then again the simplicity
of drum/bass/lead seems appealing too.
Below is the song so far:

Any feedback would be appreciated, but I'm most looking for critique on melody and composition.

For anyone interested although not related to my question:
DAW: FLStudio20
VST: Super Audio Cart, Kontakt

This is very helpful to me, a new user who is about to ask for CC on many many tracks.  Thank you senpai.

Hello everyone!
I have been captivated by the chirps and tones of NES music all of my life, and embarked on composing my first original track in 2006 or so using the magical 8-bit plugin. I was fortunate enough to find game designers who had need for the specific style of sound that only chiptunes can provide, but had I not I would still be writing VGM style works for my own enjoyment. Much time has gone by, but my passion for chiptunes has only deepened. Matching this passion is my desire to converse and talk shop with other composers who appreciate the nuance and art of this wonderful music genre. I hope to listen to great digital symphonies here and share my works with the devotees of bleeps and bloops.
I've been looking for a forum like this one for a long while, it feels good to finally land here.
If you are interested in listening to my pieces, please visit the link below.
I can't wait to embrace your sonic sonatas.