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best album cover ever?


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heart heart


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who did your artwork? lovely


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those are AWESOME. i thought they were business cards haha

awesome artwork. listening !

edit: Loving this!


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as much as i want to just accept the name and get on with it ... i hate it. haha

It doesn't! It's not really a song ... just a book-end.



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i really think the medium benefits from massive fluctuations in time spent. You can write an amazing piece of music that takes you an hour, just as much as you could slave over something for a year.

On the converse side, you could write shit in an hour and shit in a year. So I think ultimately you just gotta feel it out.


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Pause gets the same 1,000 people surfing to it every month. So, yea.


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Anywhere from 1-3 days.

unless its a super hi-fidelity production, then i might spend a couple weeks.


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To me, if you're trying to get out there and promote your music, it can't hurt to be as publicly visible as possible. So I sign my music up for every nook and cranny that I can. I think that to an extent the amount of music you sell / get people download is more a result of how well you do at promoting it than it actually being amazing or not. WIth that being said, I'm sure most of us try to make it all as amazing as possible. smile

I also like to alternate between free and for cost albums. I feel like if you're proud of your music, it has intrinsic worth and I am not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, which is why i charge for some of it. I'd also rather get financial reward for something i love to do than waste life working a crappy part-time job. haha.

Since folks are asking about sales figures, I'll throw mine into the mix:
Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar (came out 1/1): digital purchase: about 250. CDs: about 45

Easily the best run I've ever done so far. To put things in perspective, I have a 1500 person mailing list and 650 fans on facebook. I'd say half of the people who bought the album are from one of those, the rest are probably word of mouth and word of the internet. That is my guess. I'd also say that while I put a fair amount of time into promoting, twittering, website, facebook, all that stuff i just mentioned, it's probably not nearly as much as I could be doing if i was really insane about it.

In terms of getting the music out there, the most important thing I think is to offer your album up to listen to without any strings attached. This is one of the reasons I think Bandcamp is so cool. People can stream your entire album and they don't have to drop a dime. As a result I've had about 5,000 people at least check out my new album in a month and a half, which is probably way more even than if it was for free to download, but without an online preview.

Here are some of the stats for lifetime Pause downloads, which i'm sure some of you would be curious about:

Norrin Radd - Anomaly - 12,491
V/A - Magnetic Sumo - 5,937
sadnes - Fill My Head - 4,621
Phlogiston - Nectar - 4,429
Zan-zan-zawa-veia - N0de-claw - 3,911
Norrin Radd - Melodia di Infinita - 3,489
Animal Style - Teletime - 3,228
The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Pamplemousse - 3,087
and so forth...

These aren't entirely fair figures in the sense that some of these records came out last year, and some of the older ones have been lost. Though it is fair to say that a lot of people have a boner for Norrin Radd. He's got a lot of fans from metal circles and various sources unrelated to chiptunes, so that might have something to do with it.

So yea... food for thought I guess!


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you coulda converted the FLAC to WAV wink

WOO! Congrats guys


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This was such a joy to put a tracklisting together for and put out. Congrats Simon! This really is one of the best gameboy albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.