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am i doin it rite?

EDIT: this is fun

EDIT: nope


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since im pretty much done being 'yuh' i thought i would round up the few tracks that i actually completed and stick em together so i could have something to show for my lurking around the chip scene for these last few years.

7 song free download http://www.mediafire.com/?j6fqnxc06e6u3lp

p.s. i am most proud of the last 2 songs which are 'noise' or 'drone' tracks so please check those out if your into that sort of stuff!

im finding it hard to get a good sounding kick on here now that the preset is gone, can someone post how they do it maybe to help me out?

a fine example of effective ways to play live

i like how 10k handles his business

wedanced wrote:

what did i say? you dick.

im sorry i didnt realize how old this thread was.... i was just hoping for news :C

iLKke wrote:

This thread is where it's at, yo



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how much for the pixelh8 cart?

fuckin love watches

just sayin...

now you play the song off your ipod and pretend to play it on the gameboy

or leave chiptune forever

those are your only choices


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manabar sounds like a cool place


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my god these are awesome


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me and my cat

usin the interbutts


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heres wip i started yesterday

its pretty horrible sounding right now but i think it has potential XD


Sycamore Drive wrote:


I've started writing this track, the repeats are there as placeholders at the moment. I plan to add a lot more variation. I'm pretty proud of the drums in this song.

this is really great


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