Sometimes I find that some carts don't work when pushed all the way in. This is very true for the EMS carts. What I do is push the cart all the way in, turn the game on and push the cart as far up as I can until it's stopped by the on switch. The "Nintendo" logo may be a mess but it's not until after the DMG makes the "bling" noise that I attempts to boot the cart.


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I absolutely love playing around the groove command. Sometimes I use a basic shuffle (8 and 4) then break out into full compound time by using a groove of 4 and 4 and I just put an H command on The C line of every phrase. It works really well using the two in separate tracks.

Another thing I love to do when I want to go double time or add Demisemiquavers (or 32nd notes for you US people) is just have the groove to 3 and 3 for simple time or 2 and 2 for compound (don't forget the H command at C).


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kineticturtle wrote:

Get a drummer. smile

If you got one of these it would never play in time to your music! smile

I am so in on this!

What I would do is buy a replacement standard GBC, transfer the PCB over, prosound the dud speaker board, put it in the standard case and sell it on ebay for profit.


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After my first release "Full Spectrum EP" I'm back with my new release "Towards The Unknown". Thanks go out to for without it this EP would not have turned out the way it did. Everything on this release has been created using one Gameboy running LSDJ. I hope you enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed making it.

01    Anywhere Out Of This World
02    Farewell Homeland
03    Astro-Derp
04    Jumping the Abyss
05    Planning My Escape
06    No Place Like Home

You can listen on my Bandcamp page and Download for whatever price you wish to pay. Even if it's nothing.

Check it out:

If you like it, let me know and please share and support this freely with everyone.

JoyPad is a monthly retro gaming and chiptunes night put on by Retrospekt.

This months it's on Saturday the 14th of April.

Play retro games on the big screen while resident DJ's DK81, Aliyaki, 5K1P crank out some rockin' 8-bit beats!

This month we have xandox performing live and promoting his new EP "Towards the Unknown" which will be released on the night and guest DJ Super BC Kid (from Neko Nation) will cook up an audible storm.

Doors open at 9PM
$2 entry.
18+ event
"Two Ships" near 126 Grenfell St, Adelaide, SA 5000

Facebook Event

I'm also new to london so would love the opportunity to play some of my stuff.


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I'm in for as long as I can last. Moving to the UK might throw a spanner in the works initially though.


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I just finished this mod and it sounds awesome. I was feeling adventurous (thanks jmr) and included a switch that separates the expansion audio or mixes it to the standard output with a 47k resistor or turns the expansion audio off all together.


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I was wondering if there was any advancements on this? I can't wait to play around with this.

23rd July 2011 - Adelaide Convention Centre

Starts at 6:30 PM

Music by:

  - little-scale
  - xandox
  - DK81

Ages 15 and Over

$5 At the Door

Free for AVCon attendees

AVCon, Adelaide's Anime and Video Game convention is thowring a party of Chip Music and Gaming. As well as "Dr. Chiptune" little-scale, I'll be playing songs from my EP as well as some awesome gameboy covers. If you want to hear John Farnhem's "You're the Voice" lsdj style then you should be there.

Supporting us is DJ DK81 who will be spreading all the good stuff playing music from the Chiptune catalogue.

As well as the awesome music there are gaming tournaments in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Bommerman and Pokemon as well as the Ultimate Gamer “Couples” tournement.

I suggest going to all of AVCon as it will be awesome. More Info Here.


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This is the end product of tons of fun I've had writing all this music since January. Everything on this release has been created using one Gameboy using LSDJ. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have making it.

01    Dark Matter
02    R.S.T.
03    L+R Bliss
04    Bliptrip
05    Tribal Dance
06    Pixel Euphoria

You can listen on my Bandcamp page and Download for whatever price you wish to pay. Even if it's nothing.

Check it out:


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I was partly curious if it was a sign of any further problems. I've put a 1/2 speed crystal in it for now. I may use it for a GetLoFi pitch bend mod sometime in the future.


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xandox wrote:

Then I try the original screen on the other PCB and it works so the problem has to be on the PCB.

Already did that as per the first post. I already know the problem is with the back PCB.