benefit of the "doubt" answer: well done, you made accurate covers. the sounds are boring though.

detriment of the almost certainty answer:

i think these are just midis run through some 8-bit-izer.

waffles94, if you weren't aware, most of us here are writing our own songs line by line, tick by tick, using our ears. it isn't a simple processual transformation applied to an existing work (even if people are doing covers, they are transcribing them by ear, creating all the instruments themselves, and putting the notes into the software themselves). so your youtube channel is not really related to what we do here. i also think it's fairly disingenuous to not mention anywhere on your youtube channel what it is you are doing and how easy it is to do it.

if you listen to other people's "covers" of the same songs that you "covered", they sound exactly the same as yours, because they were made in exactly the same way:

if you want to learn to do it properly, stick around and learn some things. be warned, it takes effort to get good at actually writing music. if you just want people to say "cool! you are a talented nerd genius!" try posting them on your facebook page or something.

i think because it's free and not normally distributed on pieces of plastic that have a fixed manufacturing/environmental/logistical cost regardless of how much music is on them (maybe this is nonsense i dunno)

if someone wants to put out a three second release it makes a bit more sense now they don't have to do it on cd (and listeners don't have to get the bus to a cd shop and buy it and get the bus home again). and let's face it, it's really easy to make short releases and really hard to make long releases

also possibly a lot of chip musicians (ok, me) don't feel there is a great reward to putting out a cohesive full length album and would rather just write whatever songs they want and put them out as and when they feel like it

with no commercial/corporate pressures to put out a full-length, and most of us being hobbyists with no particularly lofty ambitions, there doesn't seem any reason to do it...

... unless you just Want To Do It and then you definitely should


bruno - tunnehairio
dizzy - <the folk ones with the finnish titles>


things by ed
things by goto80
things by chantal goret
things by dino
anything made before 1984
covers of pop songs is really better than bandcamp i recommend (Is This Guy Mad?! There Isn't Even A Way To Make Money From Archive.Org (how about a kickstarter where people pay you money to promise to put your songs on (once you've finished writing them of course)))

if you want to make one for an old system it is pretty much imperative that you learn assembly language for that system

if you want to make one for modern PCs then C or C++ is probably most appropriate. it takes quite a while to learn how to program if you have never done it before (and "making a tracker" isnt really a suitable beginners project sadly sad )

edit: if you want to do PC i think the best library to use should be SDL... milkytracker, schismtracker, piggy, etc all use it and it handles everything you really need for sound and graphics on windows/linux/mac/more, it is a C library (will work with C++):

if you want to release mp3/ogg/flac, recording from the gameboy is the best idea - it is gameboy music after all. a little bit of AC hum/line noise/whatever isn't going to put people off that much.

most people here probably have fairly good consumer/prosumer recording stuff, they aren't just using webcam mics etc, so the sound is pretty good, and i think upwards of 90% of gameboy music you will hear has been recorded from a real gameboy (aside from vgm on youtube etc)

i think BGB is considered to be better than KiGB and VBA is considered to be worse than KiGB in terms of sound.


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bandcamp is convenient


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life goals
- be less fat
- be more clever
- get better at my chosen sports

chiptones goals
- enjoy myself
- upset less people than i did in 2012
- irritate less people than i did in 2012


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you can see your own number if you go to your profile page where oddly there is a box to PM yourself (just to save this thread from becoming a Asking-Other-People-What-Your-Own-Number-Is festival)


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the best thing to do is to make a windows shortcut with the command line arguments (as herr prof said!!)

on other systems maybe you cannot put command line arguments into a shortcut but you can make a batch file with just one line in it and it will work much the same

herr_prof wrote:

no voltage difference between region devices. I thought a pi was 3.3v while a dmg is 5v though?

pretty sure usb is 5v though isnt it?

i meant the device could have two usb ports, one for power (connect to hub) and one for data (connect to rpi)  since i don't believe that it is recommended to try powering things through the rpi usb ports

i have a powered usb hub i use with my raspberry pi, i assume most people with rpis do since it pretty much needs one. could it be powered by one of those?

2013 dare to close this thread year

datamartyr reminds me of automata which is nice because automatas are cool

but as a netlabel name i don't really like it. names with "data" in them are at risk of becoming the new names with "8-bit"/"kid"/"unicorn" in them (not including DATATHRASH and GOTO80 they have really made DATA their own / are O.G. Data Pioneers)

if you want it to sound like datathrash how about dadathrash instead (not really)

the name of your netlabel is less important than the music on your netlabel but it is still important because in 2012 no one listened to anything unless they already knew what it was going to sound like (myself included) and 2013 will probably be the same --- and aesthetic is part of that !


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cheap dinosaurs i think but i don't really know much about these kinds of thing
chromelodeon i think but i don't really know much about these kinds of thing