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i think its funny

Anyone else got pics of ALTANEs in the wild or wanna share their experience using one?

here it is: $96.00 and comes with flat rate priority shipping in the US. If you're international i might have to adjust shipping... 

first one to email gets it >> SOLD

hey i'm willing to sell mine if anyones interested. from the first batch! prob about $100 shipping included, they were $90 when they first came out right?

ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

...I think he drastically underestimated how demanding this kind of thing is.

no excuses! dude has posted content consistently on his blog for months (http://little-scale.blogspot.com/) sometimes with barely two days between posts. If he's got the free time for that, he's got free time.

hey all, I'm thinking of organizing a meetup or workshop in the Boston area for gameboy hacking / modding, and want to gauge general interest. I'm affiliated with ASM Retro (http://www.asmretro.com) so those resources could be available. Not totally sure where i'm going with this yet but I know I wanna get a bunch of gameboy hackers together. Thanks!


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i'm seeing dots on that ribbon cable bud, from drops of solder maybe? is there any damage to the ribbon cable? kind of hard to see with the light reflection


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The smartboys I have don't always successfully read / write and I'm pretty sure its the case design + cart connector.. put a little weight on it at the right angle and the success rate is higher. Aesthetic quality is low but they "work"

Altane is the way to go! Support for tons of carts (the cheap ones) so you aren't tossing a $100 dollar cart (derp, everdrive gb) in your backpack or glove compartment or whatever to get effed up.

rom is read from the cart as necessary, thats why games crash if you yank the cart out while playing. to my knowledge there are 2 sram chips in the gb, both 8kb, one for VRAM and one for the rest of the ram used by the cpu. if you only read the vram chip you'll only have access to tile and map data. i think you're right on other assumptions though, if you read both ram chips you should be able to use the data to assemble frames.. as long as the gb doesnt crash lol

I was kind of wrong, but you gotta consider sprites, screen on/off, color palette... there are some things that affect the screen that are outside of vram, and if you want 1:1 video capture they need to be considered.

i could be wrong but...

having access to the GB's ram will only give you the tiledata, you will need access to the rom to assemble the tiledata into screens / images. This includes sprite data and locations, priorities etc. And you would need to know what code is executing in the rom to figure out what needs to be where on the screen. i dont think its as simple as using image generation code from an emulator.

edit: separated posts.

I don't this litte-scale checks this forum ever, I had to reach out to him on twitter to get a response. Once I had his attention though, I got mine within a week or two.


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happy endings are the best

Limited edition ALTANE pre-orders available here: http://asmretro.com/altane/

From the ASM blog:


1. To celebrate the launch, we've put the Density backlights on sale for $10!

2. We've restocked black screen covers! We found some stock in storage. (Sold out already, expecting new stock very soon)

3. New DMG Shells are in production. Expect some restocks of out of stock colors as well as something new. We have also added DMG Shell Replacement Parts to the shop.

4. ALTANE production has progressed considerably, and we are now accepting pre-orders.


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dawww thanks guys smile should be open in approx 24 hours

monodeer. http://monodeer.bandcamp.com/