BUMP. Because I may be around as I just moved to London with my family.


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calmdownkidder wrote:

Yo guys - can we make a collective resolution to stop making horrendously shit album art? Pay an artist/graphic designer if you have to.

YES. PAY TH… oh shit I should STFU and give some bucks to the graphic artist (turned him away from Ochre, ah ah)


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Like, you know… "amat musician looking for some hawt amat gif cover art, +1 if paint.exe involved"


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It's not chiptune… but, well… you know: http://eerikinpujsound.com/p/m/EIS24_-_ … u_deserve/


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My best advice: don't look at others, because they are looking at others as well and maybe they are even looking at you.
Start looking at you and you only, start making what you want to make and stop thinking the guy next to you goes faster than you, because he could actually be lying and cheating, after all, you're not behind him to be sure he started one track from scratches.

snesei wrote:

Quick question, how do you guys come up with melodies and bass lines? I find it hard to just work in a tracker and compose something.

I throw dices.


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btw, no real life events of people drawing ducks LIVE but still, so many more 8bit/chip musicians around.
The word has been spreaded enough right? Now, make your own destiny (and roll dices)


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We call it: Le dx7

Title says it all.

Be sure you know about the weight of the beast... the shipping price might be too expensive for most so I guess only french dudes might be interested.

More infos here: http://www.mynameiskaneel.com/blog/2012 … -i-insist/


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who care?
Most electronic musician don't play live and just draw DUCKS on paint.exe ... and yes, they are using FAKE MACs


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Hmmm I think it's because 4mat secretly acted on making people believe I make chipmusic but really, I don't smile
More seriously, many of my tracks are made with the same approach than tracking and tracking chiptunes but I don't make them in order to make chiptune. If you listen to, for example, "Regard anodin" ou "Rêve amer" on Here is a heart so you can remember how much I like long baguettes, you won't guess both are respectively 24kb and 16kb (winterchip compo II..).

But really, I don't make chiptunes. Not the "real and rough way", more like "the french way" (sorry, had to)


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Actually, spacetown has a point. It's rare that people come to you and tell you that your music is good.
Still, did it happen after you released your latest release? At least, I've done it, it's great no?


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Good luck with getting a review. My latest album got something like 3 reviews and that's all. The funniest is that every websites and blogs I contacted never reviewed it or even replied to me. The best way is to bribe 4mat so he talks about you during an interview of his.

Some of my friends tried it, emailed a bunch of e-mags they were actually following and they had enough luck to be picked (yes, I believe it's luck, no I don't make crappy music... NO... NO... insertsadface) so just try it but not too much, you don't want your name to be on some kind of worldwide blacklist (and yes, I'm pretty sure there are blacklists! and aliens!)

My advice would be you burn your music on CDR and send with some nice coverarts to some coolkids(tm). It's like a bribe, without being a bribe, but still is a bribe.


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