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Since it's relevant, here's Huoratron's chiptune/8bit stuff, you know, from before he turned to electrogrind http://www.mediafire.com/download/j2zul … ratron.zip

Anyone got stuff by Ikari? I've got a few songs by her but wondering if there's more out there


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Very 8bc-around-2008-esque, keep it up


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Which cities in germany? Might get something going in Berlin

You know what's nice? The chiptune scene in germany is so small that I can play whatever the fuck I want at shows. People don't expect anything. You can throw noise at them, rip off anamanaguchi, play some hip hop beats, whatever. There'll always be someone who'll enjoy the weird sounds that you're making.

Great Line-up! Wish I could be there...


And so, Jan realized that he really needed more stage practice and his social anxieties towards singing would not just fade away if put on the spot.

I'm packing up and uploading the pictures we took and the videos of Mano and goto80 tonight, gonna post a select few really good ones in the past events section. This was a great experience.

I like that I don't need a PC to write 8bit stuff. Feels reliable. I also like that the scene in Berlin is so small that I can get over my gigantic fear of singing/performing on stage since I know most people I'm playing for. Also, no need to find likeminded people to start a band with. Sort of.

Also, Huoratron.


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Try caffeine+regularly working out+weekly caffeine-free phases. That's how I work it (was on Ritalin from 9-13, pretty sure it fucked some stuff up for me). I can also confirm that generally avoiding sugar and a sedetary lifestyle helps a lot. And sleeping more at night and less in the day.


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I'm a full-time disappointment to my family.

Should switch to something that pays better, really.

Xuriik wrote:

Where's Stereochan?

Sup. I got disheartened by lack of interest in the music around germany so I'm keeping my new 8bit stuff to myself for now. No idea where swampboy is tho hmm

Honestly, both 8bc and Myspace were the greatest help at getting people together, 8bc for not only including creators of chiptune and some angry nerds, but also regular listeners, and Myspace for generating a bigger audience for the music. Now, there's no place where regular people can get a quick look at a artist, style or genre really.

I tried to get the german scene together for the better part of 2010, culiminating in the Lowbit compilation and the pixelated party in Frankfurt, which was organized by g0dlike (who now makes future garage post-dubstep) and had a great turnout. But after some shows with zero turnout, a very dissapointing second comp and due to me sucking at advertising myself and finding good gigs, it went nowhere.
I know some guys are still active, but there's no real scene to speak of. Well, except for Stern Fucking Zeit, who pretty much are the scene at this point imo. At least they still get gigs n stuff.

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I want to kidnap Huoratron and she/lain, take away all of their fancy synths, Renoises and other contraptions, give them two DMGs with LSDJ and Nanoloop each and two link cables and lock them in a bunker. They have a week to write completely new, chiptune-only material which will then be performed at blip 2012. Crowd reaction will be measured with decibel meters; whoever makes the crowd go insane more wins. The loser gets shot. In the knees. For the greater good.


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Veridis Quo.


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Moments: First actually good gig ever (in Frankfurt)

Pixelated, the first chiptune-only party organized by my mate g0dlike that actually worked out quite well (even saw a guy in a 8bitpeoples shirt o:)

Generally, the german "scene" coming together sort of.

Also, Norrin Radd's Anomaly=Album of the Year