Merzbow is the only good music.
...oh, and the jpop stylings of perfume and capsule *w*


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gnidaolnwod won !!!


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Here's what she wrote back in 2006 (and if you know his music you know he knows how to mix n master), on 8bc:

The beauty about '8-bit' music, is that you really do not need to master it.
If you run Gameboy, C64, Amiga or any other console setup you wont need to.
But there are others 'like me' who do alot of post-processing (adding 16-bit sounds and stuff) so a 'master' is needed.

If you're looking for a "pro" sound to your tunes you should NOT USE MONO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MEEEE!!1!11one!!1

If you compose on your computer (no hard-sid/lsdj on gameboy) and are using more than 5 channels, you should read these steps below for a great start to a great master..
If you work with an Imported Wav or other format, and dont want to read all this shit, skip to end.

A good master begins in your tracker program (or the prog where all your sound channels are stored). Stereo imaging and Equalizer is the first two steps that will lead you towards that 'pro' sound lol. Why? For example, if your lead instrument and bas are in the lower frequencies the lead wont get that 'punch' and may get mixed up with the bas itself (if it hits the same octave). Now, imagine if you have 2 more channels with instruments in Low frequency. This is where that Stereo Imaging does MAGIC.

If youre looking for a more 'natural' sound, you may want to reduce the high frequencies on your Bas channels and Kick-drums, and reduce the low frequencies on your main-lead instruments etc.. This is really important beacuse you not only prevent the overlapping of unwanted frequencies and gain of Offset, but you improve the 'resolution' on wich you can work with later (after export to wav/aiff).

If youre working with Reverb check if your DC Offset is null on that track. This is important beacuse Reverb tends to gain alot in the 0-80hz range, so if you have an DC-Auto or Filter /EQ you can reduce that unwanted artifact. The DC Offset should be around 0 when you export or make an MPEG out of your work.

After that you need to find a way to lower those peaks and level your channels.
This is best done with a Limiter/Compressor, apply this on the channels that have those unwanted peaks. Doing so will also make it possible to gain the volume on that channel without clipping it and bring all of your channels to level.
Also, check for unwanted clipping in the 'master' before you export to your prefered non-destructive format or before you move on to MPEG.

There is so much more you could do to your tunes, but remember.. this is 8-bit music, and you dont want to ruin that Retro sound/feel. A tune straigh out of lsdj is pure gold.


If youre seeking the 'pro' apps in mastering i can recommend these; (lol i should have just put these in, instead of all that bullshit ;D )

iZotope Ozone - (VST Plug-in)
Sony Soundforge - (Sound editing/recording)
Renoise - (if you dont have this and are using another tracker you FAIL.. GET OUT!)

Now, take your lazy ass and get to work so you can buy all this crap!


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It's... creepy  @[email protected]

Wait, so effects like distortion and delay are not allowed? Sounds hard - I'll see if I can do that


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I am officially purchasing any bacon products mentioned in this topic.

If there's any problems with the zip, try using winrar and unraring the files without the enclosing folder.
This problem comes from me using a mac, sorry^^''



Now that that's out of the way; this is a EP containing my most aggressive LSDJ Tracks. It has been conceived through real situations of distress, barfights and the likes. It is not political in any way.

Download it here (or copy and paste this into your url bar )

Again, if you don't like aggressive music, skip this one; the mixtape will be out this week, with much less aggressive and more melodic, happy material:3
And the first album is on it's way too...

Much love


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godinpants wrote:

This might get postponed due to inactivity so far?

Goddamn, this'd be the first comp where I'd not totally miss the deadline >.<

One bad punk band, two death metal bands, lots of singing, screaming and guitar-playing (which I was pretty good at for a while, back when I my favourite bands were Children of Bodom and Keep of Kalessin ^w^).
Right now on a music school, learning classical singing, piano and music theory.


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I'm not that much into it yet, but what helped me was to get renoise connected to it via rewire so I had my usual tracking environment combined with the live stuff. Then I hooked up lsdj to it and voila - best live sound environment yet


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herr_prof wrote:

Its basically a HOB.

This, though I prefer the term "jobby" because it reminds me of jolly hobbits.


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This thing's still happening, right? I've got a very early version of my track done now, gonna take some work for it to sound properly though.


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Sweet coverart, gonna give it a listen


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don't you derail this shit now guys
just sayin'


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I'm totally down.
I'd *impersonate* she for this one, with his stupid catchy melodies and drum programming and gah