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Some gameboy cam pictures and some flyers, not much more around though. Not YET.


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For me, Renoise is to lsdj what hookers are to blow: You can do well with just one of the two, but both at the same time yield the best results.
For "just chiptune", I prefer a gameboy and nothing more, but using renoise adds such a huge dimension of possibilities...
Though I haven't bought it yet. ... ... ...SHUT UP I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY! HOOKERS AND BLOW ARE EXPENSIVE!!!



See, this has always been our lifestyle.

Over here in germany the punk scene seems to be doing most of the chip stuff (in Berlin and Wuppertal as far as I've experienced), organizing gigs and meetings. Chris/G0dlike is getting a possible monthly chip show in frankfurt. Monthly show=more mass awareness.
We've also played cosplay/japan cons and stuff.
I organized a compilation with german artists (which I'm really bad at though) and spam all my friends with gameboy stuff.
...so yeah, that's what we've been doing for germany so far.

That's... just terrible.


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Highly recommended. Also, I always thought bleep street is french for some reason...


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About Huoratron; here's three of his old gameboy-only tracks I've found http://www.mediafire.com/?j2zulzkmv2k
If anyone has any more of his gameboy-only stuff, please do upload it!


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If germany wins, we'll restart the 3rd Reich out of overwhelming nationalism. Just sayin'.

Two things: It loads slooooowly, as in nothing appearing for 36 seconds. From there on a bit faster, but still pretty slow overall.
And this one's nit-picking: The color scheme seems a bit ugly to me, maybe a little switch to turn it to something darker would be nice.
Other than that, it's quite nice. Browser radio player works nicely.

Huh, I think this already happened sometime earlier:
1-I enter a comment and click "submit"
2-the page reloads just as it was, the comment is dissapeared
That's sorta annoying.
Happened in Firefox originally, just tried Safari and it happened there too.

Edit: Magically fixed.

Now all you have to do is announce that ikari is playing and I'm off stealing aircraft and AA batteries.

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Now all you have to do is get in a plane/cab and get over here!


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Oh gee, I'm sure happy that there's a discussion about 8bc going on on here, that can only serve the site well.
...guys, can't we just forget that place and move on? Or at least keep both completely seperated?

Lazerbeat wrote:

Stuff you could do with the money.

Hookers for lunch.