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SO! It was awesome. Got the spot right after Tom fucking Woxom so people were heated up already, though I had been dancing for 5 hours straight so was sorta exhausted (also hyped up on energy drink). Started with some rather tame songs, and people... actually... liked it o_O
had some tech problems which low bit revolte solved quickly, shit was nuts, was jumping and headbanging and screaming and fistpumping (that's all the usual chip performance stuff isn't it), ended the set with some rather hardcore shit (which made half the people leave, but the rest went completely insane), can't remember anything from that point on though.

The whole party was crazy, 200 people around at the fullest times, glow sticks everywhere, awesome music...
and no hangover in the next mornin:D


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On AA shirts XS... so I guess S?

I'm always a bit too afraid to fuck up the song by switching to live mode and triggering the wrong chain/pattern/whatever...
but when writing a completely new track from scratch, it's fucking awesome


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SPACE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5sU5_u2gT


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I feel very unprofessional now. Not in pic: a zoom g2.1u effects unit for guitar, a DS with DS-10 and a tablet as diy kaoss pad ;;>.>

This thread is very eyepleasing.


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Can't say I can help you with that, but I could stick a toyota sticker onto a clear GBP for you <.<


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One more upside to chipmusic: this thread would have gotten at least a "suck a dick" by some person by now if it were in 8bc big_smile


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Like, DUH, http://twitter.com/STereochan

Your best stuff so far... in my opinion >.>


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First "gig" will be on the 5th in Dresden, but I tried both house parties and street (/park) busking
one of the parties was a total disaster, the other one went nice, probably because half the people had taken e's beforehand
the busking stuff was fun and some people liked it, others called the police on my ass hmm that's germany to you :\


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happened to me too, firefox
the comment just dissapeared, no blue box or anything


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Oh. My. God. I'd pay a hundred bucks and a blowjob for such a thing *.*
Fuckin amazing man, put it to good use


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I got busted for publicly busking twice, so I don't do that around here anymore >.>
But yeah, talking to/stalking artists I like, talking to people, blah.
I try not to spam my music to people I know IRL, but am always up for gigs and stuff.
Also, what Reteris said.
I should do more promotion.


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This guy... damn.
horizontal 15kHz is one of the most insane (in the very meaning of the word) gameboy artists I've ever heard of. His stuff is mindbending.