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alrighty then
lets do this

I've been making music for a while now and no matter how often i practice, composing in a tracker seems to elude me. Usually if I want to compose, i pull up FL Studio and use the piano roll to get my notes and then transcribe it to the tracker (which takes forever but that's the sacrifice i suppose).
Does anyone else have this problem? More visual interfaces like piano rolls and the nanoloop interface tend to be a lot easier for me to get notes down in. I feel like trackers just hinder my ability to get down my melodies clearly.


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Aeros wrote:
HolyNegative0 wrote:

askhipsterheartstrings.tumblr.com (ponies)

holy shit someone who keeps their person and my little pony separated

that's not supposed to be possible



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askhipsterheartstrings.tumblr.com (ponies)
hipsterheartstringsmod.tumblr.com (Random sh*t and sometimes music)


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I wish I heard more about Chiptune acts this area. :C


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Because I discovered it online and saw that it was a relatively easy way to compose/produce music and decided to give it a try. :I


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I read and play music regularly, thanks to high school. P:

Pfft, I don't know what you guys are talking about. My track has a great name.

Wait a second...

It must be hell inside your head, herr_prof.

Interrobang. *snicker*


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So I submitted six tracks which can be found at
http://chipmusic.org/holynegative0/musi … in-the-day
http://chipmusic.org/holynegative0/musi … corporated

Some of them are just me screwing around, but others I kind of like. Please let me know what I should do better, or just not do at all! big_smile

This is some serious $#!7 right here, man. LOVE IT!

Damn it you had to wait until I was away from my computer didn't you. )B<


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*raises hand*

Okay, I'll get them posted later, probably today or tomorrow. Most of what I've done is a whole lot of sample and resampling. I like making sounds using all of the channels and then resampling it. You can really get some interesting sounds. big_smile

So I've been experimenting with inanoloop a lot do the past couple months, and I've managed to get a lot of sounds that aren't really chipmusic at all. At the very least, they don't sound very chippy to me. I have about five songs that are not really chippy at all, but are more a very general electronic/sometimes dubsteppy sound. I'm just curious if this forum would really be the right place to post them. They are some of my best work, but I don't know if this is the place to post them or not.

I guess my real question is this: I've made a chipmusic program do unchipmusicy things and do you think I should post it here or somewhere else? I would like to get them online, I'm just uncertain of the right location.

Of course, this may just be me being paranoid.