Aw too bad, did he discover a 'new' way of modding without knowing others who had already done it? That's still really cool imo.

I always thought disco was dead.

I have a cable that didn't work, worked for a while, and went back to not working today.
I still have a working one somewhere so no problem, but huh?

Not a fan of the kits, but holy * that cookie jar release is awesome!

Oh damn, I almost went to this party.
If only I knew there would've been 8bit



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Invisible Robot Hands wrote:

That's incredibly shitty, though. Just losing a Drag n' Derp would kill me.

Yeah, last back up isn't that  recent, but okay. The EMS cart has got "gone forever" tracks, though.

Update: Reactiving test mode. Pc restarts. I plug in the EMS. PC searches for drivers, and has to reinstall them (?).
It does find the drivers and installs them automatically, though.

Open BG_USB, and it says LSDJ is on the cart; but all previous flashes failed last millisecond, so I'm skeptical.

Plug it out, into the DMG, and no nintendo startup sing. Switching cart sides does nothing.

Plugged back into the pc, and BG_USB doesn't see LSDJ on the cart anymore.

Writing works a couple of times, without actually landing anything, but ends up disconnecting the device after a few times.
So close I can taste it sad


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I'm mailing my pc's factory.
It doesn't have any non-HUB USB's, they're all built in, and are all called something like "USB#0001HUB#00004"

I hope I can open the case and find one under the hood or something :]
Also, ordered a small cable, retailer was kind of confused: "most people want them as large as possible?"


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Yes, another EMS instalation thread, sorry chaps tongue.

My backpack got stolen after a gig this weekend, including a Drag n Derp and an EMS ( All in all about 300 euros worth of gear, because luckily I don't use any Korgs, pedals, laptops, or anything. So as far as a performer/musician getting robbed goes, I'm on the luckier side.

I have some spare time on my hands right now, so I'm getting my two spare EMS carts from 2012 set up.

I've used 2xaa's tutorial for the EMS installation. That video is great, I've been doing that installation wrong for months and months on end.
At this point, I'm pretty close to actually flashing those empty carts tongue

I have a few questions still, because it's soooo close, but not yet working.

1) Are the EMS drivers, linked on Kitsch' site the most recent ones?
They're from 2010, and 2010 forums talk about upgrading a lot. I can't find any newer EMS systems.

2) Does the error code give any real info?
Transferring works, until the load bar is 99% Green, the device is disconnected, and an Error Code 31 appears. … em.318543/ mentions the possibilities, but with all those options, I don't think you need another error code.

3) Does Test Mode have to be active to install the drivers AND use BG_USB, or only to install the drivers?
If I disable test mode with dseo13b and restart the pc, BG_USB won't find any connected devices. The Link Cable will show in Device Manager (with a yellow alert sign) , but not in my system tray icons, and BG_USB will show "device disconnected".

4) Is cable size still an issue?
The hubs and the giant cable are bugging me.

Extra info: I have a 64 bit, WIN7, with nvidia, and ASUS, all my usb ports are hubs.

Thanks for bearing with me.

History of big record labels?
History of some big events?
Chip sounds in mainstream music?
Chip and the world map?

Friday 13 on NES, damn son.

Studies man sad

So dark, so smooth

Oh man, that thread is superb!

Which mod fixes the button buzz, and which fixes the constant buzz?

I think I'm having a small language barrier problem here as well, so just to make sure: if English is your first language, would "buzz" be more often used to describe high-pitch noise or low-pitch noise? And what would "hum" be used for?

Also, just noting that Wizwars kind of said some related things at … nd/page/4/

I run 2 GB colors for that exact reason.

High bpms kill the DMG, having two V-commands at once is lethal (check if you can erase some), and having KIT play two samples at the same time is hard as well.

If you are able to avoid these, and the DMG's still freezes, go with GBC, easiest and cheapest to find, less battery problems on live shows, and you can change the color setting to white background/black letters for a clear, visible screen in dark areas.

The bad thing is that they don't have the warm, loud bass the DMG has, so a bass mod or blasting the Bass-knob on dj mixers is used. Yet many people think the "mixer knob-cheating" sounds good enough.
Second bad thing is a silent, yet annoying high pitch "buzz". It disappears when the music is busy, but  if you use a lot of silent moment in your tracks, it might be best to evade these things.
Third thing, and this might be just mine, but they give a low pitch buzz when touching the arrow buttons and the A and B buttons. This is kind of annoying when you're scrolling through a song (for live LSDJ'ing) or when you're selecting another song live. The song select buzz can be evaded by cross-fadering on the dj-mixer. But for live LSDJ'ing you have to roll with it (I have a few tracks with live LSDJ effects, but the buzz is "calculated"), or you have to evade doing things with your tracks live.

Other options:
Advance has a weird place for start and select buttons for LSDJ handling.
The Advance SP (mine freezes up all the time for no reason) requires adapter plugs for headset and cinchc-cables live, which arent always easy to find. But some people use them.
Some people use modded PSP's and are quite happy about that, I think.
ROMS on emulators on pc, but I think that's just silly for playing live.