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Sounds great. Really like ep 1 too.


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I love it. Many different vibes, all great.


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i really really enjoy!



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Dope. Kind of puzzled why he didn't go with "Reyfresh" as the album title though.


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i'ma be that "too cool to care guy", and maybe it's because i'm not vested in the environment like i know a lot of people are, but it doesn't matter if chipmusic gets mainstream or not; the only important thing is that people still make good songs. i've never known the popularity of anything to discourage the talented people from making good sounds in some form or another, and as long as there's something good to hear, we should all be happy.


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how short is short?


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dude 4mat, that track you posted on the first page is FREHHHSH

this is one of the most egregious acts of plagiarism i've seen without straight using an actual reproduction of someone else's work. so shitty. i thought before i clicked on the link that it might be reminiscent of one of their jams, but the second i heard it, it was so shamefully obvious; like someone said, right down to the panning technique. gross. i would honestly contribute whatever little money i could spare to a campaign to either sue or embarass the "composer" for this.

you had the opportunity to go with "hipsteries" there, why didn't you?

i think you'll find that the clearest attribute of a "hipster" is always talking about "hipsters"


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i agree with you decktonic, in that the only thing that appeals to me about chipmusic is the way it sounds. the harmony of simple waveforms are very pleasing to me. when it comes down to it, that's the only thing i (me, specifically) can say about it because the only thing i notice that's similar about all the different chipmusic i hear is that they tend to use those simple type of timbres. other than that, nothing really connects one artist to another. i can't really consider chipmusic a genre of music, it's more like an instrument. you hear a guitar in a jazz song and then you hear it in a rock song and you can recognize the instrument but you don't really call them both "guitar music".


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J. Arthur Keenes wrote:

Before you get Pamplemousse (thanks pals), you (and everyone else) really have to get peeR's Dances, it's really nothing short of a masterpiece, by far my favourite chipmusic release.

i'm new to this site, and this world pretty much, but i've been browsing this forum a bit and been checking out some of the artists on this thread. THIS album (Dances) has captured me big time, so glad to have come across this.