cool as fuck

Great work. Maybe I'm missing something but what is the Commodore software that you use to produce sound?


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For calling names I apologize. Maybe I should use word "lots" instead of "all".


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Some dudes even done this (6581/8580)with old sid2sid:

Some info on Sid2X board: … 90&p=2

Some guys on this forum are negative and ignorant.


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It's not sid2sid it's sidx2
all info in the world about sid you'll find on mssiah forum


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there is dude on mssiah forum who design new boards called sidx2 i believe you can install any sid in any c64 wit this board or even have 6581 and 8580 on 1 board. anyway find him and talk to him.

I come from Szczecin (Stetin) in north-west Poland and I live in London UK since 2000. Please avoid both of those places!

sure you can convert any c64 format in DirMaster
Anyway I think cartridge is way to go for cynthcart.
I'm waiting for all the parts for cynthcart midi mod.  Should be with me next week. Can't fucking wait.

These drums on that demo sound fucking good, even to C64 fanboy like me. Time to hunt some Nes on Ebay.


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I thought he's talking about some new revolutionary device.....:)


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Some dude post it on lemon64, old fashion way of testing sid by typing fuckin code, it rocks:

To test voices:
10 FORL=54272TO54296:POKEL,0:NEXT:POKE54296,15:GOSUB60
60 W=54276:A=54277:HF=54273:LF=54272:S=54278:RETURN
70 W=54283:A=54284:HF=54280:LF=54279:S=54285:RETURN
80 W=54290:A=54291:HF=54287:LF=54286:S=54292:RETURN

Test Filters (please take note of the +16 +32 and +64. This will need to be changed to test each):

10 poke54296,15+32 :rem filters:  +16=low-pass, +32=band-pass, +64=high-pass
20 forv=1to3:print:print"voice";v:forl=54272to54295:pokel,0:next
30 onvgosub80,90,100:pokehf,15:pokelf,35:pokehp,8:pokelp,0:pokea,9:pokes,128
40 pokew,65:poke54295,2^(v-1)+128:forp=0to1
50 forf=0to2047step9:gosub70:next:forf=2047to0step-9:gosub70:next:next:next
60 forl=54272to54296:pokel,0:next:end
70 printf;"{left} {up}":poke54294,f/8:poke54293,fand7:return
80 w=54276:a=54277:s=54278:hf=54273:lf=54272:hp=54275:lp=54274:return
90 w=54283:a=54284:s=54285:hf=54280:lf=54279:hp=54282:lp=54281:return
100 w=54290:a=54291:s=54292:hf=54287:lf=54286:hp=54289:lp=54288:return


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link please homedogs.


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I had loose Sid on sid2sid (fucked socket) which I eventually fried and whole C64 stopped working. Luckily i got about 15 spares smile
So maybe it is a resistor or something else.

C64C and Amiga such nice vintage feeling


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I still use 1541 mkII and 1581 just coz I'm Commodore junkie smile

more info here:

Thanks for support everybody.