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fucking listen to this shit you heinous tools.


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really has a good jpop-vibe going, good work. i especially like how that wav-channel-madness isnt even anything new for the genre, as jpop already has some pretty wild stuff going on with the drums and basslines.


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edit: dammit, i lost the hold on my own joke. i need a "delete comment" function.


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A̶z̶u̶-̶n̶y̶a̶n̶  jiffypop23 is my waifu, hands off you pervs.


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e.s.c. wrote:

theres a uniform? no one told me

neon-orange west, assless chaps and eskimo sunglasses. get with the program!


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e.s.c. wrote:

those pants are bondage pants, and far from exclusive to metal scenes...

perhaps not exclusive, but the point im making is that you only see them in certain scenes, its not normal streetwear.
also, its less about determining what get-up would make people throw you out of the location, and more about finding out IF there is any style (or plurality of styles) that is common for the scene. probably.


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Alpine wrote:
Orange Creamsicle wrote:

probably matters because for many music scenes, it matters. if you went to a gothic metal (or whatever sub-genre likes to play dress-up) show in baggy pants, nike airs and a snapback, you would definitely get some funny looks.

not really, I've seen people wearing snapbacks at indie gigs, at punk gigs, and at metalcore gigs. I don't think clothing really matters anymore

i believe that varies a lot between areas and subscenes; in any case, its at least valuable for the sake of being complete. also, snapbacks alone dont make a stereotypical hiphop outfit - its the ensemble that makes it. its like the difference between wearing a black shirt + blue jeans and wearing a full-on metal scene outfit, including weird black pants with miscalleneous straps (ive seen some wtf stuff), spiked wrist bands and some kind of panda makeup.


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b4by f4c3 wrote:

didn't get why wondering what people wear to shows matters but ok! lol

probably matters because for many music scenes, it matters. if you went to a gothic metal (or whatever sub-genre likes to play dress-up) show in baggy pants, nike airs and a snapback, you would definitely get some funny looks.


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Kris k wrote:

Gotta say, this is one of the best, most organized posts I've seen on here looking for music for an indie game. Well done!

indeed. i have similar problems with most posters who seek entries for their compilation - all "XY COMPO, SEND IN TRACKS NOW" and no actual information about how its going to released, wether they have to be exclusives etc


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lain2097 wrote:

Good question, though I'm a bit old school. Anything I submit as a exclusive is just that, either old b-sides or new works. If I release the recording myself in any way shape or form (self publishing) then technically it's no longer an exclusive.

Though that's an anachronism of the sort of past times of publishing and all that rubbish probably has little weight these days - but I still stay true to it. Technically does not say has to be 'exclusive' though I assume as it's going to be published by kitten paw I assume so. But hey I could be full of $h!t.

im pretty new school in that respect, but im fine either way. just want to know the deal before submitting anything; i generally have lots of tracks and WIPs on my soundcloud that arent on a proper release yet (ok, i dont have any proper releases yet). some netlabels dont mind that, some do.


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some questions:

do the tracks have to be unreleased, or is it enough if the tracks havent been OFFICIALLY released? e.g. i put the track up on my soundcloud, can i still submit it?

can the track still be released on an album/EP in the future if it appears on your compilation first?

will you master the tracks, or do i have to do that myself? not gonna lie, i have neither the skills nor the hardware to do that properly.


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https://soundcloud.com/dj-orange-creams … ist-pi-ata

i believe we made this in 2012, originally. fakebit as fuck; made it in fucking cubase, what a terribly unwieldy DAW. i even tried updating it by using a real game boy for the melody, but it turns out that the tempo fluctuates too much without connecting it to a MIDI clock. shame.

now look how far i have come since then! ᶰᵒᵗ ᵛᵉʳʸ⋅


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studioAdam wrote:

Thanks very much for the heads up, however, I'm just looking for fans of chiptunes and I think that a large portion of chiptunes fans are actually makers of chiptunes, so, it's all relative.

yeah im with you on that, its just way too easy to make chiptune to not at least try making it.


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arlen wrote:

Ew chipmusic is a fandom now? I don't want to be associated with that tumblr culture bullshit.

this is like feminism all over again


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SketchMan3 wrote:

Oh yeah, using volume envelope stuff is a big deal, haha. Can make a kind of reverby snare by having a Loud attack with a quick decay that then fades into a very soft attack with a slow decay.

yeah! actually though, what i usually do is more along the lines of getting a quick decay that becomes slower; basically, the decay becomes a curve instead of a straight line.

like this (disclaimer: not an actual table i used):


combine with low-soundsing noise, maybe C4 shape with a C5 note, and you get a pretty snappy snare sound.