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ooooooh. Wish I still had the ol' cassette player.

caught in a landslide


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Wonderfully unobtrusive stuff here gents.

The opening sounded like Gerudo Valley, I dig it.

nintendocoreuwantmore wrote:

Ok i came to this forum looking for how to make chiptunes but i dont even no where to start and im getting a headache, so ill just come out and ask
is there any way to make chiptunes without a gameboy?? modding a g/b seems like a pain and i dont own one anyway and i cant afford to but a modded one but there has to be a way other than a gameboy? I am obbsesed with chiptunes and nintendocore artists (I have my own blog dedicated to them) and its driving mme nuts that i can't make my own and everytime i google how to make chiptunes i get some website with some web browser gimmik. i no there has to be a better way (for free??) so is there any free program i can download to make chiptunes? i dont no anything about music theroy or anything i just want to create chiptunes easly on my computer if its possible to do for free. PPLEASE if u no a way then post a answer.

plz english good

im 12 think this article taught me how to chiptune really good and i hope i can be as good as this guy someday



Boss town may have something for you...

I second this motion.


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8bittokyorainbowjapanfuturepixelgirl attack part 2

Eleven days til I see you guys. Gonna be amazing!

Yo, if you'd read the thread, then you'd understand why peeps are "flinging poop" as you so eloquently put it. Not only are you not reading the reasons, you're also exaggerating what little you have read, and I have a feeling you've only read the first page, and either skimmed through the rest, or just outright skipped it. GJ 10/10 post, would read again.


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I believe this will soon become the most played duo of songs on my ipod. I've never heard any of your stuff before, and it's right up my alley.

The CM.O Community wrote:

What! Something that doesn't affect me negatively in any way! I must fling poop in it's general direction and hope that the n00bz leave!


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Gas powered EP! Never runs out of gas!


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That there is some varied music.

Bit wish wrote:

you guys won't be hard when you party.


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That's some chill stuff you got there.