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I havent posted here in a little while, but I was browsing thingiverse- a website made for sharing models for 3D printing, laser cutting, etc, and happened upon this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:382485
Basically, you 3D print the case, install a raspberry pi, screen, battery, and SNES buttons, and you have an emulation handheld. Knew it wouldn't be long until it got discovered over here, so decided to post it. I'll be printing one ASAP, that's for sure.


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I remember buying a used MP3 player once, which still had some songs on it from the previous owner. I deleted most of the obnoxious pop songs from it, but I will always remember that they also had "Ineffable Mysteries" on it. Kept it there, but I only now realized upon reading this thread that I never checked out any more shpongle. Can't wait to see what this compilation cranks out big_smile


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I feel like this is a challenge to make the cheapest setups possible...

Whether or not it is, I accept.


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MostNoble9 wrote:

I've been doing a bunch of databending for the past few years. Recently I've been getting more into pixel-sorting though.

Great for album art! Haha.

My whole portfolio is here.

Holy god those are SICK!


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Double post, sorry.


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Logged on to my favorite handheld gaming blog today to see a familiar sight.
http://tinycartridge.com/post/785681472 … -nate-alig
I think this counts as being famous, man.


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Original controller: great buttons, responsive, but can be uncomfortable to hold after a long session of use
NES Max: AB, turbo, and Start/select are amazing. However, the slider for the Dpad is abysmal, even for some games it was made for (I can sorta get it to work pretty well for gradius, but that's about it.
NES Advantage: Feels so legit and cool to use. Absolutely gigantic, though! Weighing in at about 46 pounds, you can be sure it's not going anywhere while using it.
R.O.B.: Obviously the go-to controller for all your most intense gaming needs.

I'm still looking for the dogbone and power glove, so I can't commentate on their performance

Advantage is my favorite controller all in all, but it's not really portable or convenient to store. The turbo buttons on the Max are pretty good, but having to keep pressure on the cycloid makes your hand hurt more than the standrard dpad ever would. The original controller is iconic, effective, but not the most convenient.


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I will travel literally anywhere to be part of this XY competition for a chance to get that thing! I LOVE your use of adding extra layers of plastic to the tops of GBAs to add more complex textures. It's always interesting when I see this thread has been bumped (unless it means you injured yourself again ;D )


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On a slightly related note, I once test-fitted the select/start buttons from one of these in the DMG. They looked like they would fit if trimmed down only a little tiny bit! However, modding stock start/select pads to work with them would be a challenge... Food for thought anyway.


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Alley Beach wrote:

nb4 watercoolednes.jpg

Custom PC builders scare me.

On another note, I've been considering doing this for awhile, too! Guess I should go LM1799 shopping!


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Okay, one brown paper bag and some heavy breathing later, this is SO AWESOME, kitsch! GBA SP is one of my favorite consoles, and I've never been able to bring myself to harm one. Now I won't have to! Looking forward to getting as many of these babies as possible just in case they sell out (-;


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Gold. That's all I'm gonna say. GOLD.


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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y


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+1 on this idea!


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I made this DMG a few weeks ago, but I waited till now to show it off. I'm calling it the Autograph-boy. Not too hard to figure out what I'm using it for, right?
I originally made it for the members of Anamanaguchi to sign it (which two of them did), but then Sabrepulse was there too. Decided that from now on, any time I'm at a chip-related event, I'll get all artists I can get a sharpie to to sign it! Won't see too much actual use, but I thought it was fun!

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The screen is about 66mm diagonally across.
That said, homemade backlights never look anywhere near as good as those you would find on Kitsch, ASM, or anyone else who sells them. Here's a tutorial from forever ago of how to make your own backlight out of a CD jewel case and some other stuff: http://www.der-warst.de/warstware/backlight.html