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It's pretty red....the red tablecloth doesn't help the fact that my camera isn't that great. There's no such thing as a pink DMG is there?

Ah, i see.
Well, there might be a pink DMG. Nobody ever saw one, but there was one in a picture from a nintendo advertisement way back.. So it's a bit of a holy grail thing.

wait wait waaaaaaiiit a minute..

Is that a PINK DMG? or is your camera a bit weird...


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Discogs has more versions of this one.
With quite a lot for sale as well..

It comes down to:

You can save as many programs / games on the cart as you can fit. But there is only one savebank.
So if you save songs in lsdj, and after that, play Zelda, and make a savegame, you overwrite your lsdj songs.

But if you just save with one program, you should be save... in theory


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Halfway through, that's just lush...


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Hmm, if something has to be build, it might be a bit over my head. I thought it could've been just disabled because of the less powerful powersuply....

ah well.

thanks for the tips anyway smile


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I've got some stuff on tape I want to use. Ah well, if it can't be done, it can't be done.

I'll have to find myself another commodore with a diskdrive tongue


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My Commodore 64-SX, like all SXs, doesn't have a connector for a datasette. but is there a way to create one, using some wiring into the main board, and maybe an external power suply? or is this one of those can't be done kinda things...

Who says internet is just for porn? big_smile
great work!

/me also does happy dance

Well, welkom to our beautifull country. You choose a great time to go to den Haag, as it is the political  capital of the Netherlands and we are having a political crisis at the moment big_smile

Anyway, overall it's quite a nice country with a rich music culture, I'm sure you'll be able to book some gigs over here smile

Good luck!

This is just a little note to let you guys know you are made of win and this project will be awesome. big_smile


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I've seen a few of these on some auction sites, but didn't know they could also make sound big_smile
usually they go for a price way over my budget...